The Finest Hotels in Makkah near Al Haram for Pilgrims


All the pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah try to find the best accommodation, especially in Makkah. Everyone wants to get a hotel near Al Haram as possible to avoid the extra time and money you will have to spend on transportation otherwise. Hotels near Haram are also the ideal option for the elderly and children. 

If you want Umrah Packages from USA, you must spend extra money with the finest hotels near Al Haram. You can choose from multiple luxury hotels near Al Haram according to your requirements and budget. Moreover, you can also contact a reliable Islamic travel agency to tell you about the best hotels near Al Haram in your budget. We will discuss some of the finest hotels in Makkah near Al Haram that best suit the pilgrims. 

Tops Hotels in Makkah near Al Haram

Here are some of the tops hotels in Makkah near Al Haram;

  1. Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah

Swissotel Al Maqam Makkah is a five-star hotel overlooking the holy city of Makkah. Pilgrims are intrigued by this hotel because it has a direct entry to Al Haram and is adjacent to the Holy Kaabah. You get a stunning view of the house of the Almighty from the windows of this hotel. 

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Moreover, it offers luxurious, well-lit but also comfortable, spacious, and air-conditioned rooms. You can choose from family rooms, executive suites, and landmark-view rooms according to your budget. All the people staying in this hotel get complimentary breakfast. Being a 5-star hotel, it provides many other reliable services too. 

  1. Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower

Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower is another 5-star hotel near the holiest sites in Makkah. The hotel’s building is the world’s tallest building made out of concrete and consists of 76 stories. This hotel’s suites and rooms offer a breathtaking view of Makkah’s Holy Kaabah and other sacred sites

There are various suites, including landmark-view, bridal, city-view, executive, and family rooms. These spacious rooms include air conditioning, soundproof technology, a dining area, and other features. So, if you want to stay at this majestic hotel, you should get Umrah Packages 2023, which offers accommodation at this hotel. 

  1. Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah

This luxury hotel is located at Ibrahim Al Khalil Street, just a one-minute walk from Haram. Pilgrims and tourists prefer this hotel because of its convenient services and fine modern building. Traveling to and from this hotel is convenient because of its excellent road access.

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In addition, the types of rooms it offers include suites, family rooms, and city-view rooms. All the rooms feature walk-in showers, coffee and tea maker, and sofa beds. You get all the standard luxury services in this hotel that are a feature of 5-star hotels. 

  1. Makkah Towers

Makkah Towers is a popular 5-star hotel in Makkah due to its proximity to Haram and luxurious services. It is located in the heart of Makkah, which makes it the perfect choice for all pilgrims. The hotel is a combination of oriental and Arabic themes that gives it a stunning outlook.

Moreover, the luxury hotel provides various room types, including landmark-view rooms, city-view rooms, executive suites, and family rooms. All the rooms offer high-quality standard services. The hotel also features specific basic and luxury amenities. If you have availed of Umrah Packages 2023 with this hotel, you will surely be satisfied with your stay here. 

  1. Pullman ZamZam Makkah

This luxury hotel is located in Abraj Al Bait Complex and is significant in the holy city of Makkah. It is popular and offers many luxury services that intrigue the pilgrims. The rooms provided by this hotel come with a variety of services, including housekeeping, air conditioning, interconnected rooms, and a lot more.

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Also, you will get the luxury treatment and services you are paying for. You also get to dine with a spectacular view of the holy house of Almighty so that you get a chance to make the most out of your spiritual journey. This hotel also has some of the most technology-advanced features. 

  1. Raffles Makkah Palace

Raffles Makkah Palace is known for its elegance and royal classic beauty. This is another hotel near the Grand Mosque, making it a preferable choice for pilgrims. The luxurious hotel has modern furnishing and personal butler services. 

Moreover, you will get to satisfy your taste buds with this hotel’s local and international cuisine. You will get an opportunity to enjoy all the luxury services on your spiritual journey while staying as close to the Holy Kaabah as possible.


While booking Umrah Packages 2024 from a reliable Islamic travel agency USA, you must ensure you get the best hotel room. Who doesn’t want to stay as close to Haram as possible during their Umrah journey? You can choose from multiple options, as numerous fine hotels in Makkah are within walking distance from Al Haram. 

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