Exploring The World With Heavy Luggage: A Family Adventure Guide 2023


Travel is a rewarding experience that promotes physical and mental well-being; the only thing better is sharing the experience with family members. According to one literature review, family travel provides an effective opportunity for family members to improve communication and strengthen family bonds.

Even so, family travel is not without its unique set of challenges. For starters, while packing solo or as a couple is easy, packing for a family generates a significant luggage volume, which can be cumbersome. 

So, how do you balance travel packing for your family to avoid cumbersome luggage? Keep reading this family adventure guide for tips on managing luggage during family travel.

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  1. Add A Roof Rack Luggage Accessory To Your Adventure Vehicle

Overland adventures and road trips are among the most fun ways to travel as a family. Additionally, family road travel presents a viable extra luggage management solution through car roof rack accessories.

Car roof rack luggage accessories allow you to create a safe and convenient space other than the vehicle’s trunk or cabin to hold luggage. Packing additional luggage on your car roof creates more room in the cabin for comfortable travel.

The roof rack travel accessories available on the market vary depending on their design and specialization. For example, a roof rack storage box allows you to pack compact smaller items and offers theft security and weather protection. They feature sturdy construction using weather-resistant material and lock combinations for theft protection.

Besides the boxes, roof racks are popular car roof luggage accessories. Roof racks are particularly helpful when transporting elongated luggage like kayaks, surfboards, and paddleboards. Therefore, depending on your family adventure type, car roof luggage accessories allow you to travel comfortably without worrying about luggage loss.

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  1. Establish Baggage Allowance And Luggage Information For Your Airline

Family adventures may take you beyond your state or country’s borders, necessitating flying to the destination. Luggage requirements for air travel are more stringent than care or rail travel. Therefore, consider establishing the baggage allowance and luggage information the airlines you shall use adopt to avoid unpleasant surprises during check-ins.

Airlines typically classify luggage as either checked or carry-on baggage and set a maximum weight for each category. Additionally, the maximum weight limit for checked luggage (the luggage put in the cargo hold) may apply exclusively to one piece of luggage. 

Exceeding an airline’s luggage limit may incur additional charges for excess baggage. Fortunately, most airlines offer similar baggage allowance as adults for children with a ticket. Therefore, establishing an airline’s baggage allowance policy helps you decide how much to pack for the journey and whether or not each child should have individual luggage.

  1. Have A Family Travel Packing Checklist

A family packing checklist is crucial during travel for various reasons. First, a packing list allows you to save time on packing. The list helps you identify what you need rather than rummaging through closets and drawers to identify items you may want to carry on your trip.

Second, a family packing list helps you ensure you carry all family essentials. Packing essential items is crucial because your destination may lack the items or the brand you prefer. Also, spending smart money on items you have at home increases your travel expenditure unnecessarily.

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Third, a packing list makes packing for a family vacation less stressful; packing anxiety is real. A pack list helps you avoid over and under-packing during family travel adventures.

Nonetheless, packing lists are only effective when prepared in advance, so create the packing list at least a week before your family travel date. For inspiration, you can search online for family packing checklist templates for your travel destination. Also, consider creating separate checklists for individual and common items to avoid duplication and minimize luggage.

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  1. Choose The Ideal Travel Bag For Enhanced Mobility

Travel bags vary significantly from carry-ons to under-seat bags and suitcases. Each bag type has pros and cons based on the nature of your family adventure. For starters, carry-on and under-seat bags make check-in easier and minimize time spent at the airport, which is essential when you have impatient children. Moreover, carry-ons make manoeuvring new streets easier.

Besides the bag type, the bag’s material also matters. For example, while soft-shell bags are stretchy and hold more items, hard-shell bags offer better protection for your luggage and are easier to organize.

Other travel bag features to consider include ergonomic straps and handles, safety features, additional compartments, and wheels/ spinners. Also, choose a check-in luggage bag with an easily identifiable colour to minimize time at the airport.

  1. Use Travel Organizers
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Travel bag organizers are crucial in helping you pack and facilitating easy item retrieval during your vacation. Organizers facilitate efficient space utilization within the carry bag.

Second, they allow you to categorize your luggage and know exactly where each item is within the bag. Therefore, you can retrieve what you need whenever you need it without unpacking everything. Moreover, you can use organizers to pack your children’s luggage based on the day’s itinerary.

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  1. Pack Multi-use Items

Avoid packing single-use items, particularly clothes, as they add unnecessary weight to your luggage, yet you may not use them during the trip. Multi-use items reduce luggage weight, enhancing mobility during your family trip.

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Additional luggage may make family travel more challenging, but managing your luggage makes the shared travel experience rewarding. Therefore, follow the tips above to manage your family travel luggage efficiently and enjoy stress-free family adventures.

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