Diverse Charms of Las Vegas: Hidden Gems and Outdoor Adventures Beyond the Strip


Welcome to the adventurous and intriguing Las Vegas – a place that transforms every trip into an epic and unforgettable journey. Everyone knows the legendary Strip with its grand casinos and hotels, but what about the rest of the city? What to do in Las Vegas beyond the Strip? In our article, you will find the top 9 places to visit in Sin City.

Downtown Arts District

Downtown Arts District is a neighborhood that you can find 4 miles away from the Strip. Walking alongside the streets of the Arts District is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas for free because of the uplifting and creative ambiance.

The neighborhood is famous for its dining facilities, shops, and, most importantly, art centers. Some of the most prominent ones include the Arts Factory, which offers an extensive collection of photos, paintings, and even more multimedia masterpieces.

Neon Museum

Neon signs are one of the most significant parts of Las Vegas culture, which its residents wanted to preserve and showcase for future generations. In the Neon Museum of Nevada, you can dive into the history of LA through the casino and business signs. From 1930 to nowadays – explore more than 250 exhibits that can tell you about the personalities of their authors, their businesses, and the general ambiance of the time they lived in. You can enjoy a photo session or organize a wedding or an excursion for educational purposes, but make sure to purchase tickets in advance.

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Seven Magic Mountains

Right in front of the Nevada Desert stands the Seven Magic Mountains, capturing the attention of the driving tourists. They appeared in 2016 after modern Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone picked a group of local boulders to transform them into a publicly accessible masterpiece, which you can observe today. Brisky colors in contrast with the desert background amaze your mind, as well as the height of the installation – from 30 feet to 35 feet. According to Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains embodies the encounter of natural and artificial. If you wish to visit, mind that the installation is temporary and will be available until May 2027!

Fremont Street

Approach Las Vegas downtown to face Fremont Street, which looks like a tunneled version of the Strip. The place bustles with live concerts and shines with the brisk light at the ceiling, the latter being Viva Vision Light Show’s merit. While strolling along the tunnel, you may encounter the museum of the largest golden nugget or gaze upon the local lucky charm – the Blarney Stone at D Casino & Hotel. If you like noisy city life, then you will love it on Fremont Street!

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Lake Las Vegas

Here comes one of the most iconic Las Vegas tourist attractions – Lake Las Vegas, which stretches for 320 acres. This artificially-made natural beauty offers excellent opportunities for those who like recharging batteries in peaceful waters. Choose to stay in one of the 3 resorts that surround the lake, or pay a small visit to start your own little adventure! Rent a rowboat, kayak, or paddle board to enjoy the views of Hilton Lake Las Vegas on a hot summer evening. This is what we call a perfect relaxation at the lake!

Valley of Fire State Park

Break free from the urban life for a while, rent a jeep, and start a new adventure towards wildlife – to the Valley of Fire. It stretches over 40,000 acres and offers bizarre scenery with its lime- and sandstone formations, which captivate your mind. Only $10 per entry ($15 for non-residents), and you can drive through the Fire Valley and explore its major attractions:

  • The Beehives;
  • Atlatl Rock;
  • Fire Wave;
  • Elephant Rock;
  • 2000-year old petroglyphs.

At the park, travelers can visit the local campside and visitor center or relax with friends at some picnic zones.

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Atomic Museum

Diving into history allows us to take a step back and reflect upon particular inventions, and nuclear weapons are not an exclusion. As you enter the Atomic Museum in Las Vegas, you are going to:

  • Dive into nuclear testing’s 70-year history;
  • Learn more about the Nevada Test Site;
  • Approach the Control Point replica;
  • Get acquainted with atomic pop culture.

It will take only 7 minutes to get to the museum if you use a cheap rental car from Rental24h.com. Gather friends, hire a Compact, a 7-seater, or even a van, and step into the world of atomic history together.

Trampoline Park

When you think about things to do in Las Vegas with kids, consider visiting Trampoline Park at SkyZone. Whether it is a fun family visit, birthday occasion, or friends’ gathering – the SkyZone has thrilling activities for everyone! Come to enjoy the local activities and attractions, including:

  • Freestyle jump;
  • Foam zone;
  • Skyslam;
  • Challenge zone;
  • Skyjoust, and more!

With a cheap Las Vegas airport car rental, you can easily gather everyone for active entertainment in a world of trampolines and fun challenges! Mind that SkyZone requires everyone to wear shirts (during Glow only) and socks (always).

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