51+ Absent Father Quotes, Father in law Quotes, Father, Mother, Daughter, Son Quotes

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Fathers are everyone’s pride, their love, their life. What fathers do for us for their whole life, no one ever can.

They spend their whole life decorating ours, to make it shine more and more always. They deserve all the happiness for all the worlds.

This Father’s Day, make them dance with joy and happiness by showing them the love that you have kept in your heart for ages.

It’s time to appreciate him for everything he does daily for us.

Absent Father Quotes, Father in law Quotes, Father, Mother, Daughter, Son Quotes

Father and Mother Quotes – Father Sacrifice Quotes 2023

So I have brought the best Father’s day quotes for you all, you can use these amazing father’s day quotes and wishes in greeting cards, in frames, or anything you want to. 

To add a lot of love and emotions I have written BEST FATHER’S DAY wishes and quotes for you all to wish him.

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A mother keeping child from father captions

Growing up

I wanted him

to leave my cycle

and I thought,

that was me

seeking independence.

Now that he’d left me to pedal

all by myself


my urgency

was more about

showing him

I can…

about making him proud!

“Look at me, Appa.

fell a few,

got scars to show,

but I got up

like you taught me to.

Watch me, Appa.

Step Father Quotes – I love My Father Quotes

Dad, wrap me in your arms.

You know I can’t see horror movies without warm corner. Showing the snow out the campsite, I looked at him saying that. While he put down the popcorn tub and held me tight.

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Today is like all the special days when you are with me. Happy Father’s Day ❤️

East or West, Fathers are the best! 

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads.

I am not scared of heights when you are with me, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

From bringing toys to teach morals, you did everything so perfect. Blessed to have you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Sometimes when I am complaining about so many things, I stop, think of you, then smile, can’t be more blessed to have a father like you are! Love ya! Happy Father’s day! 

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Father Ted Quotes – Miss You Dad Quotes

Dear Dad,

You always taught me to stay strong even when life knocks us down. You always taught me to fight back for what’s mine.

You always taught me, right dad. Thank you for raising me so strong! 


It was always tough for me to show you how much I love you but I know you always knew! Ha! Happy Father’s Day 🕺 

Fathers are the toughest protective weapon for their children.


Roses are red,

Skies are blue,

Fathers are always,

There for you!! 

Happy Fathers Day.

From holding our hands watching horror movies, to holding our hands in the toughest chapters, you never left us alone dad

Thank you for everything you did, you do for us.

Happy Father’s Day!

I  know I have annoyed you so much in my childhood, and so will I because you are my hero for life, dad.

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Happy Fathers day❤

I want to be exactly your copy because you are the best.

Love you! 

Happy father’s day! 

You always punished us, when we were wrong.

But you loved us more when we did right.

You are always our greatest supporter.

Happy Father’s Day.

Today is Father’s day, but you know what, I thank god every day that he gives me my mentor, my best friend, my caretaker, in one person, my Dad. 

Happy Father’s day!

Being your daughter I never felt like being less than a son, you always prioritise my studies, my interests, my likes, my dislikes.

You understood me so well, that no one could ever! 

Happy Fathers’ Day to my best person! 

Your eyes were wet when I first went to school. And I saw the same eyes when I left home as a bride.

Your love never changed, it will never do, I know.

Happy father’s day to the best father.

From holding my tiny fingers, to let me stand strong. You did everything for me, even when I didn’t appreciate it.

Happy Father’s Day.

For once I could doubt myself, but not you ever. Happy Father’s Day to my hero! 

Thank you for giving us the best lessons, to giving us the best life.

Happy father’s day!

Father is a man who takes you to childhood with a pal on the back. A man who loves unconditionally, but stately A man who leaves a part of himself in you.

Happy Father’s Day.

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oh dad 

the leader of my squad 

I’m a big fan of your feed

 don’t make me feel sad 

the situation is very bad

 please come back and add

yourself with us!

Happy Father’s Day.

Love has infinite feelings, Expressing and experiencing them lies the real charm.

And what exists between a son and a dad is beyond both of these.

Love that is far out with the infinity, And the expression – which is unuttered but purely cherished.

Happy Father’s Day.

Those silent tears when he first took his bundle of joy in his arms

Those silent waves of love when those tiny fingers hold on to his

Those silent prayers he uttered when he let go of the cycle and watch his pride ride it with delight.

Those silent moments of jubilation when his boy gets the first medal in his name.

Those silent cries when his son cried for an unnamed failure.

Those silent hues of grief he wears as a cloak of invisibility when he bids adieu to his son in the hope of taking him in his arms again like he used to.

And those silent feelings he turned to every moment with a smile plastered on his face. Papa, you set the epitome of bravery for me.

Happy Father’s Day.


So these were the Best Father’s Day wishes to make your father happier this father’s day and everyday.

You surely have liked these quotes.

If you really liked them, do let me know in the comment section below.

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