190+ Quotes about Goodness and Good People in your Life 2023

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Good Person Quotes - Good People Quotes - Quote About Goodness

GOODNESS is not a word, it is a word with so many emotions, so many virtues, so many values. 

Living in a world where rarely we see someone with a good heart, and rarely we find someone doing a human act, if you have got a good heart, with goodness filled in it, then I must say you are indeed a blessing.

Good People Quotes

Goodness is not so cheated that it could be found in cruel hearts, it demands a pure heart to reside in! 

If you are searching for Best Person Attitude Quotes, then it’s your day. I have quoted my heart out while making the quotes. I have carved these quotes with so much love that you are going to find these lovely quotes more lovely. 

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Quotes About Being a Good Person in 2023

Life is a big canvas, paint it with the colours of your goodness. 

Goodness is the foundation of greatness. 

Life becomes so good when you do what your heart says! 

More smiles, fewer worries

More compassion, less judgement

More values, fewer faults. 

More love, less hatred. 

Quotations on Goodness

In a world, full of people with selfish needs, this pretty world needs some people with good hearts, because hatred cannot end up hatred, only love can. 

Your goodness can inspire people to believe in the magic of the goodness we hold. 

Everyone has goodness, some show while some have buried it deep inside their hearts. 

Your goodness never hinders, it stands out bright in the dark of some selfish souls. 

Happy hearts are always good. 

Our greatness lies in our sincerity and our goodness, not in our bank balance. 

Being a Good Person Captions 

You can owe big empires with your wealth, but only a pure heart can afford goodness. 

The evil nature has become so normal nowadays. Amid all this negativity, lies, hatred, betrayals, revenge, one should always spread positivity, hope, love, forgiveness. This will make this world a more happy place to live in. 

Be a giver! 

Why my heart is so good,

Forgets every pain, in which it stood,

Cries in silence,

But still cannot do the violence,

That the people did again and again.

Yet, God made it stand strong,

Because almighty is never with the wrong! 

If God blessed with you all the wealth, use it to help the needy ones, not to snatch the little they had! 

No one is great by the things he holds. One is great by the way he holds the great things.

You have got it once,

You will never get it twice.

Kindness is the sweetest language.

Be kind and sweet to everyone you meet. We don’t know about the battles they are fighting. 

Best Captions on Goodness 

Be so kind, that your kindness becomes infectious. 

Your kindness can spread smiles to those who haven’t laughed for days. 

Let the grudges go,

Let the smiles spread,

Let the hatred vanish,

Let the love grow,

Let the cruelty fade,

Let the kindness overflow. 

Let the lies disappear,

Let the verity glow! 

 Hold My Hands Quotes and Captions

Hold my hands, let’s walk a mile.

Embracing everything, let’s gift smiles.

They say the world is becoming hostile,

Let’s show, the hearts still smiles.

Hold my hands, let’s walk a mile,

Embracing everything, let’s gift smiles.

Hold my hands, let’s walk a mile.

Embracing everything, let’s gift smiles.

Personality can never be reflected by the profile,

Share some laughter and spread some smiles,

Hold my hand, let’s walk a mile,

Embracing everything, let’s gift smiles.

Grow in age, keep the heart juvenile,

Hand in hand, let’s style with a smile. 

Hold my hand, let’s walk a mile,

Embracing everything, let’s gift smiles.

Let your kindness drip sunshine to the hearts filled with darkness. 

Kind words have the power to heal the deepest wounds.

Be kind to humans and animals too. 

Start your every day with gratitude and practice kindness.

Be a person of quality! 

Never let someone’s rudeness change your kindness. They give what they have, you should give what you have. 

Quotations about Goodness - Quotes on Goodness

The truest kind of happiness is felt when we are kind to everyone and spread peace, love and humanity. 

Embellish  life with the scents of your goodness. 

Best Quotes on Best Friends and Friendship  

Saying please is very nice,

 Say a thank you,

 It will more than suffice.

Being kind is good,

Being friendly,

Will be nicer. 

Often sorry is great,

That’s all it takes,

For you to compensate.

Sometimes forgive me,

Maybe it’s all they ask,

It may be just what they crave.

Be in a calm tone,

Be polite,

Try to not make them groan.

Kindness will come back,

To the one who gave it,

And then it will make you smile. 

Friendship Quotes on Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Never let anything overpower your goodness. 

Always start with positive thoughts,

Start believing in the goodness 

And the miracles of life. 

Find your inner strength,

And stand out strong.

Live, Love, Laugh! 

Kindness and gratitude add a glow to your personality. 

Everything will be left here in this world, only the deeds either good or bad will travel with us to the other world. 

Being a good person isn’t a matter of weakness, it is a matter of strength, a matter of confidence to have someone, which the world is lacking day by day. 

Your goodness will overcome every obstacle that life will bring to you, without you being known about it. 

I thank god, for he blessed me with a pretty heart,

I thank god, for he made blessed me with loyalty in my veins. 

Do good, have good. 

You may not be necessarily remembered for your wealth, but you will be surely missed for your goodness. 

A candle burns to shine,

A diamond reflects to shine,

A firefly digests to shine.

We need to burn ego, reflect goodness, and digest criticism to SHINE out bright. 

Only Goodness Inside Captions

Your goodness will pay you back, not today but for sure someday. 

Erare the darkness with the brightness of your goodness. 

The goodness you are searching everywhere is inside you! 

Even when their treachery makes you prone,

Don’t let your goodness drown.

 God is Good Saying Quotes 

Goodness needs no witness. 

There is always something good in everything we come across. Be only need a beautiful heart to find that goodness. 

A touch of goodness will cause ripples of humanity.

Be the good that someone adores and inspires to become! 

You are a truly good person if you deeply feel the burden someone else is carrying.

One is not great by his profession, one is great by the way he holds the great things.

Little deeds of goodness make you a great man.

Goodness cannot be given up due to some bad people. 

Goodness becomes your identity when you practice it every day.

No one can rule the hearts with wealth. Hearts can only be ruled with goodness.


I know you have liked the quotes. Prove my assumptions are true by putting your precious comments in the comment section below.

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Do share with your friends with good hearts or the ones who need one. 

Stay happy, stay smiling! 

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