399+ Forgive and How to Move on Quotes Captions 2023

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As time and tide wait for none, we should also move on of the things, people, relations, and memories if we are somewhere left behind by them.

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The strong ones move on, while the ones with hope keep standing at the same place for years and sadly ends disappointing themselves. self-worth is the most precious thing we own and don’t let that self-worth go away due to some reasons that are not even going to count in later life.

Forgive and Move on Quotes 2023 in English 

Forgive and Move on Quotes in English 

If you want to move on and need some force to get that stimulus then this article is going to be your life-changing stimulus. Read all the quotes that I have carved with so much effort only to make you people move on with confidence. 

How To Move on From Boyfriend and girlfriend Quotes Captions

Erase the existence of those in your hearts who don’t exist in your life. 

Life is all about moving on to the closed chapters. 

Letting go is not so easy,

It needs a lot of strength. 

When you almost give up,

Remember the torments.

This journey will be hard,

But lead to a new start. 

I still strive to hear your voice,

But the heart denies. 

I still crave your presence,

But my soul denies.

I have moved on,

Between us, a big void lies. 

You want me to forget the past, 

You want me to forget the harsh.

You want me to stay the same

What about me, who suffered the pain?

Why was always I wrong,

You made me the lead of a negative song.

My love was never a lie

But you broke all the ties. 

Now when I have lost the faith,

You want to love me,

But it’s too late. 

You won’t affect me,

Neither will your love.

I forgive,

But with you, I will never live.

The strongest decision is to move on.  

Moving on of the things will open a window that will bring a ray of positivity, new opportunities to your life. 

Don’t get stick to even one of them. Move one, wait for the next. 

Moving on is not an instant action. It is a process that slowly leads to the path of happiness and success. 

Strong minds never stick to the same place. 

Moving on is the new necessity.

Life moves on, better you also move with it. Otherwise, you will suffer from disappointments. 

Wake up, and start working for the next goals. 

Rise again to earn the things you may have won. 

Moving on does not mean you forget. It means you detach your heart from the things that cause it pain

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Deattachment may hurt you on every step. But remember the peace your heart will get.

Get stick up to it,

Until you move on.

They will always appear in your life. It’s a part of the process. Accept it and allow your black thoughts to speak up and don’t make any decisions based on a speech you have heard from your negative thoughts.

Just leave it, and next time when your negative thought knocks your mind,  tell them you are stronger than them. Know that it’s all just a part of the process not because you are a pessimist. It’s all about your potential to filter what you want, leave the rest and live on.

The best part about moving on is that it will lead you to peace, and finally happiness. 

What is not meant to be, it will never be. So, move on and stay happy. 

Don’t be sad about the things, that happened. Be happy about the things that didn’t happen. 

Worrying about the past is like dumping gold into waste.

Moving on is a tough task, yet it brings the best for you.

Move on and set your soul free from worldly affairs.

If are strong to move on, then your soul will never have to worry about things, that doesn’t matter.

Better if together, but you should never hesitate to do it alone. 

MOVE ON! You might be someone else’s everything. 

If your love was so strong to stay, believe me, it is so strong to move on! 

Never wait for anything in life. Just move on, to the world of new opportunities.

No one will decide your future, only you will. So, instead of wasting your time on some unproductive things, invest it in a good deal. 

When you let go of so many things, you automatically let in happiness and peace. 

Open the door for some new fresh memories.  

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Time is the best medicine to move on and forget the past. 

Before depression kills us, lets us kill it by move on from the toxic thoughts and toxic people. 

One day you will be proud of thinking about the time when you assembled all the courage to move on. 

Dear girls, you should know, when to love and when to turn on the page. 

Clearing out the things will make more space for happy things. 

Moving on to the law of nature. 

Let’s believe in ourselves a little more. 

If you want to heal, MOVE ON! 

           Life is full of ups and down 

To be happy,

You have to move on! 

Letting go of things will help you grow. 

Every step in life is going to count. So, take the steps wisely. 

Where there is no love, no appreciation and no affection for you, it’s always better to move on of that place, that person.

Life will present you with a beautiful ” hello” when you dare to say goodbye to the things you don’t want.

No matter, how many clouds cover the sky, the Sun always finds its way to shine the next day. 

At some point in life, we need to understand that, some people can live in our hearts forever, but they can’t stay in our life anymore. 

Why hold on shit? When you dare to move on! 

Holding on the things will hurt you more. Moving on will set your soul free, heart happy and mind in peace.

They have moved on! Now, it’s your turn.

They will never understand until you leave.

Sometimes, your weakest moment makes you the strongest person.

Move on! And never turn back to the things that have questioned your existence. 

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Are you crying for those who left you all alone? STOP and move on without asking for anything more. 

All through our life, we keep making others happy sacrificing ours.

Sea never meets the shore until it moves on. In the same way, we cannot meet ourselves unless we move on.

If they care for you, that’s great. But if they don’t, then it’s great too. At least you git the clearance. Now accepting everything, you should move on! 

What is waiting for is better than what has happened. So, keep moving forward to new beginnings.

Everything is so temporary. Learn to move on! 

You should choose yourself over everyone. 


These were the amazing quotes that I wrote for some amazing people to make them move on if they are stuck to a single point in their life, they want to move on but cannot afford so much strength to do so. It’s high time to realize self-worth and move on, move forward.

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If you liked these quotes, do share them with your friends, family, and whoever you know. 

Do let me know in the comment section how feel about these quotes. 

Spread love and stay happy. 

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