100+ Best Cute and Funny Street Dog Quotes For Instagram and Facebook

Searching for some fantastic quotes on Dogs, so here your research comes to an end because I have written the best quality quotes on dogs that you are going to love.

We all know the most owned pet all across the globe are DOGS. Their loyalty, their love, their friendship are widely admired across the whole world.  

Short I Love My Dog Quotes 2023

Short Cute and Funny Dog Quotes

If you are a dog lover, you are going to love these amazing self-written quotes on Dogs. 

They accompany you, they love you when you need someone. 

So if you want some amazing, best quotes on dogs, go through these and feel blessed to have a dog as your pet. 

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Best Short Cute and Funny Dog Quotes 2023

A cup of coffee and a hug from my dog, make this life so beautiful.

On returning home, he gives the first hug, craves love, and then follows me to the bed. 

A dog is a more loyal friend than humans. 

Dogs understand their master’s pain in a fraction of seconds.

Without caring for their life, they protect ours. They are DOGS, the superheroes.

When the palms fail to touch your heart, the little paws succeed to soothe your soul.

Dogs only need some love and care, in return, they don’t hesitate to give their life for us. 

Street Dog Quotes – Rescued Dog Quotes

Dogs don’t need our words to understand us, they understand us in our silence. 

Eyes in Eyes, Hand in Hand, WOOF WOOF he says, I understand! 

Dogs are the most real example of LOYALTY.

Having a puppy and then the feeling of having someone very close is the best feeling. 

Caring for my dog is like a soothing therapy to me. 

I smile, my little dog smiles, he waits for my attention, he waits for me to have a sight of him, he waits for my love. 

The dog waits for us, to come back home. 

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No money can make a dog wag his tail, only LOVE can. 

If you earned a friendship of a dog, you have earned a priceless thing that cant be bought my million dollars. 

Your money can buy you one of the best breed dogs, but only love can make him your best buddy.

The more I grew older, the more I realised that, what a dog offers you, can never be offered by any human being. The “LOYALTY”.

I Love My Dog Quotes Sayings

A dog wins your heart with selfless smiles.

A dog risks his life without thinking once, for the ones who have won his heart.

Dogs are beautiful creatures.

It loves me, more than it loves himself. It is my Dog.

Juju, Juli, Tiger, Sheru…

Whatever our names are,

We are creatures, with affection in our hearts.

Best Dog Quotes For Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat 

Life is less, with blur vision,

Still making space in hundreds of hearts.

Food is the only desire left,

Still dying from starvation.

Defending, Guiding, Hunting, Herding

That’s what our role is!

Worthy for blind and cops too

Still wandering without vaccination

A Girl and Her Dog Quotes

Tolerating your clumsy mood

Still, we care for you,

No organism  is more loyal than us

We always loved you more than we can do.

He slumbers close to the concrete wall,

His skin sunk  amidst the corns

A soft touch on his forehead,

Would put him to sleep in seconds,

His eyes filled with love for us,

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The true companion I can ever have,

Looking at him, I feel grateful,

This four-legged love walked into my life and

It was never the same furthermore.

The real example of friendship will always be the DOGS.

Dogs accompany you when you are the loneliest. 


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