Unleashing the Essence of Beach Style


There is something magical about strolling barefoot along the shore with friends and family. Whether it’s exploring hidden coves or building a sandcastle fit for royalty, these shared experiences strengthen family bonds and create memories to last a lifetime.

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1. Beach-Inspired Interiors

Nothing says coastal more than a breezy color palette that echoes your beach locale. Blues and whites offer the best fit for this beachy style, but don’t be afraid to experiment with a mix of other hues. Turquoise, lime green, sunshine yellow, coral, and flamingo pink all play well with the coastal look.

For a relaxed dining tablescape, layer neutral-toned linen and wood furnishings with dinnerware in subtle shell or wavy patterns that echo the ebb and flow of tides. Add a touch of the sea with vases and candleholders made of driftwood and topped with sand dollars or other beach finds.

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Beach home decor can include a wide range of textures and motifs, but you should always choose items that strike just the right note. Too much marine-themed decor can cross the line into kitsch. Coral, sand dollars, and fishing floats are fine accents, but you’ll want to limit their use to just a few key elements in each room.

2. Natural Texture

Whether it’s hair or makeup, incorporating natural texture into your look helps amplify the sun-kissed effect. Women can use a bronzer to highlight areas of their face where the sun naturally kisses, such as the temples and forehead. To create a natural-looking glow, brush the product over your cheekbones and forehead then gently blend out the edges to diffuse any harsh lines.

When it comes to your locks, using a texturizing spray or sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunching to achieve loose waves is a great way to recreate the beachy vibe. For those with longer hair, a sun-bleached fishtail braid or topknot will allow you to show off your natural texture and face-framing highlights.

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For men, a buzzed taper fade is a low-maintenance option for summer that still looks sharp. Alternatively, a Soft Layered Fade adds a little extra volume and dimension with a gradual fade from the sides to the top.

3. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are all the rage, but they can be tricky to work with, especially in existing homes. Interior designers agree that it’s important to keep sight lines open, but they also recommend looking for creative ways to create nooks and private reading areas. For instance, a bump-out for a breakfast nook or a sliding barn-style door can provide separation without the cost and inconvenience of a full renovation.

The Sun-Kissed Chic trend pairs well with contrasting looks and high-performance/low maintenance styles. Try pairing white apron sinks with Arctic White Quartz countertops and clean-lined shaker cabinets. For the floors, opt for a neutral look like Andover Bayhill Blonde LVT or Highcliffe Greige Everlife Luxury Vinyl Flooring or bring in natural texture with Havenwood Dove or Celeste Taupe porcelain planks.

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4. Declutter

Decluttering is a great way to make room for the things you do like and add value to your life. It also helps you hone in on your style preferences. For example, if you own a lot of books but only read a few regularly, it’s probably time to donate them and clear space on your book shelf. This also applies to clothes, kitchen appliances and other items that you only use occasionally. A decluttered home is a more relaxed, stress-free and calm environment to spend your time in. Plus, it can also create more flow and ease of access between rooms. A decluttered home is also a more beautiful and inviting one to invite friends and family over for a meal or gathering.

Photo credit: by cypherpx / Shutterstock, Inc.

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