Things You Need to Know For Double Sided Adhesive Tape Manufacturer


Double sided tapes can be used for everything from mounting photos and frames to sticking paper, cards, and stickers on the wall. Its ease of use makes it an indispensable tool in your craft box.

But there are some things you need to keep in mind when buying double-sided tape. These include:

1. Choosing the Materials

Whether for industrial applications or by consumers, double-sided tapes are an indispensable tool for affixing items firmly and for a long period of time. However, using the wrong type of tape can lead to poor results and wreak havoc on surfaces. tesa double-sided adhesive tapes are available in various formulations to suit specific applications and materials.

The first step in choosing the right tape is evaluating the surface characteristics of the two substrates to be bonded together. For instance, you’ll need to consider whether the surfaces are smooth or rough, and what their combined surface energy is (e.g. high or low).

The backing material also plays a role, with foam tapes being ideal for rough surfaces because of their thickness and resistance to tearing. In contrast, paper & tissue and film tapes are typically used for transparent bonding requirements and offer good resistance to aging and temperature extremes. They also dissipate stress due to their viscoelastic behavior.

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2. Choosing the Adhesive

When it comes to choosing a double-sided tape, there are several factors you should keep in mind. For instance, you should know the thickness of the tape and whether it is suitable for your intended use.

You should also check the adhesive properties of the tape, such as peel adhesion and tackiness. The latter refers to how much force is required to break the bond between the tape and the surface material.

You should look for tape that has both sides coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). PSAs are easy to use, and they don’t require any external factor to stick. They are also easy to remove, unlike nails and screws. Furthermore, double-sided tapes are versatile and work well with various surfaces, including glass, concrete, metal, plastic, and wood. This makes them ideal for light-duty applications. Moreover, they don’t leave any residue on the surface when removed. They’re also easy to carry around. They’re perfect for people on the go and for DIYers who need quick fixes.

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3. Choosing the Packaging

Many industrial tapes are packaged in clear plastic, but there are also colored options. The color can blend into different surfaces or provide a contrast that makes the tape easier to see. Often, clear double-sided tape is used for wrapping boxes or other packaging materials. However, it is also available for a range of other applications such as sealing gaps or plugging leaks.

Temperature can greatly affect a pressure-sensitive adhesive’s performance. If the tape is stored in extreme heat or cold, it can lose its stickiness.

It is important to store tape in an environment with a stable temperature and humidity. Large warehouses that are not climate-controlled can experience significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity, causing the tape to age faster. Developing a storage and rotation system that ensures the oldest tape is used first can help maintain optimum adhesion. Having plenty of heavy-duty double-sided tape on hand is essential for any manufacturing or warehouse operation. From pop-opens in the factory to last-minute quality inspections, having an adequate supply of reliable tape can save time and money by preventing costly reworks.

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4. Choosing the Manufacturer

In many industrial applications, adhesive tapes are one of the most useful tools ever invented. They are ideal for bonding items permanently and securely or attaching them firmly while still leaving them repositionable. The type of carrier, adhesive and liner materials used in a particular tape define its characteristics and make it uniquely suited to the demands of a given application.

A good double-sided tape manufacturer offers a wide range of industrial and general-purpose options, as well as specialty tapes for ESD control, vibration dampening, and electrical insulation. It is important to choose the right product for your needs, so consider the type of surface that will be adhered to, its weight, and the temperature range.

Choosing the best tape is vital to ensure that your project comes out as planned and that it holds up to time and use. Check out the customer feedback for a specific tape to see what other users thought about its strength, ease of use and removal from surfaces.

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