The allure of working in Canada for residents of Saudi Arabia. How easy is it to obtain a Canadian work permit from Saudi Arabia?


Employing in Canada can be a greatly attractive point to residents of Saudi individuals because of the financially strong country, different cultural backgrounds, job possibilities for a bright future, and high premium life. The appealing destination Canada has is the warm immigration policies and conditions for people looking for work and a bright future. Attaining a Canada work permit visa from Saudi Arabia is usually feasible by the process depending on many factors, for example, Different categories of work permit visas, qualifications of the individuals and particular job offers.

Here are important points, the process of attaining the Canada work permit from Saudi Arabia.

Work permit visas

Canada provides various categories of work permit visas involving:

  • employer-specific work permit
  • open work permit

Employer-specific work permit visas are linked to a particular job offer from the specific employer as well as Open work permit visas give a chance to people to work for any Canadian employer.

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 Labor Market Impact Assessment

For employer-specific work permits, Canadian workers may be required to attain the labor market impact assessment, the documents that require hiring the international employer and display that no citizen or permanent resident of Canada is accessible to complete the position. That is the number of dispensations from the labor market impact assessment needed under the foreign contracts or the particular job type.

Meet with Criteria

The requirement and eligibility realm for the Canada work permit visa is based on the different kinds of work permit visas and particular situations. Usually, the applicants are required to give a reliable job offer, evidence of compulsory experience and qualifications, and proof of a link to their nation to display their interest in returning after the expiry of their work visa.

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Application procedure

The complicated step is the application process, giving the needed documents and paying the compulsory charges. Applicants can be presented online or through a nearby visa application center in Saudi Arabia.

Processing Time

The processing time for a work permit in Canada can differ, but applying well before the deliberate traveling date is essential. But the international Experience Canada program has particular application quotas and requirements.


Regarding requirements like biometrics or medical examiner, it all depends on the people’s nationalities, medical investment and biometrics like the photographs and fingerprints may be needed for the application process.

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Support of Consultants

People are  looking for a visa consultant in Saudi Arabia  or professionals familiar with the Canadian immigration system. These experts can give authentic and valid guidance on preparing the required documents, eligibility and the process of application.

Final Words

Obtaining a work permit visa’s Canada from Saudi Arabia is possible; the application process depends on many things. It is crucial to note the reviews about criteria, must follow the instructions of the application and focus on expert assistance if required. The appeal of employment is diverse in Canada, and an energetic environment can make an effort well with it for the residents of Arabia, people looking for new chances abroad.

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