Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your Perfect Buckwheat Pillow

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In a world where consumer habits are rapidly evolving, sleep and comfort have become paramount. This has paved the way for innovations and rediscoveries in sleep products. Among these is the resurgence of buckwheat pillows, a time-tested solution that has been used for centuries in various cultures.

Buckwheat pillows have seen a spike in interest not just because of their unique feel, but also because of their natural and organic composition. In an era where individuals are making more informed decisions about their health and well-being, turning to nature seems like the intuitive choice. The buckwheat hulls, which serve as the filling, offer a distinctive blend of support and adaptability, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Understanding Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat pillow is called “sobakawa” in Japan. The people of Japan started using buckwheat hull 600 years ago for their bedding and pillows. Buckwheat pillows are filled with hulls, the hard outer casings of buckwheat seeds. Hulls can be added to or removed from the interior to adjust the loft, or thickness. This makes buckwheat pillows highly customizable and suitable for both side and back sleeping, though the hulls maintain a very firm feel regardless of the fill volume.

The Japanese have been using buckwheat pillows for centuries following the zukansokunetsu concept, which means cool head, warm feet. Because buckwheat husks don’t trap body heat like synthetic fills do, it makes the pillow much cooler to sleep on.  Read on to learn more about buckwheat pillows.

Advantages of Buckwheat Pillow

A buckwheat pillow offers many benefits that a traditional pillow can’t. Here’s a summary of the advantages of using buckwheat pillows:


Buckwheat pillows are renowned for their exceptional support capabilities. Unlike traditional foam or feather pillows, they don’t collapse under the weight of your head. This means that throughout the night, your neck and head will remain in a neutral position, reducing the chances of waking up with a stiff neck or a headache. The individual buckwheat hulls conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing a tailored fit that traditional pillows simply can’t match. This personalized support ensures that you get a restful night’s sleep, every time.


Buckwheat pillows have the property of natural air circulation. It is mainly filled with buckwheat husks, and the gaps between the buckwheat husks allow air to flow freely. Make sure your pillow stays cool all night. This breathability means you’re less likely to toss and turn in discomfort from overheating. A buckwheat pillow is ideal for heat sleepers.

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hypoallergenic properties

One of the benefits of organic buckwheat pillows is that they benefit from hypoallergenic properties without harmful side effects. Many people are allergic to pillows like Down Pillows and Latex. And buckwheat pillow naturally fights dust mites, a common allergen in many homes. Furthermore, buckwheat hulls don’t promote the growth of bacteria or fungi, ensuring that your sleeping environment remains as clean and allergen-free as possible.

Ergonomic Structure

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in working environments, and this principle can be applied to our sleeping environment as well. Buckwheat pillows are designed to provide optimal alignment for the spine. As we mentioned earlier, the hulls conform to the contours of your head and neck. This means that whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, the pillow will adjust to ensure that your spine remains in its natural position. This can greatly reduce the chances of developing chronic pain conditions and ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


The buckwheat husks used to fill these pillows are a by-product of the buckwheat grain harvesting process and are a sustainable raw material. And buckwheat husks are 100% natural and biodegradable. If disposed of, they break down naturally without leaving harmful residues in the environment, unlike synthetic fills, which can take centuries to decompose.

Who is suitable for buckwheat pillows?

Side Sleepers

By molding to the head and neck while maintaining strong support, a lofty buckwheat pillow can promote spinal alignment for side sleepers. Flatter pillows can negatively affect spinal alignment, so side sleepers typically feel more pressure when using them. The best buckwheat pillow for neck pain will support your head and neck without sinking too much, ensuring even alignment. It effectively prevents the head and neck from sinking too much when sleeping, and wakes up due to discomfort.

Back Sleepers

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For back sleepers, the priority is to ensure that the neck is neither too elevated nor too depressed. Buckwheat pillows provide this balanced support by adapting to the natural curve of the neck. The even distribution of buckwheat hulls prevents any hotspots or pressure points, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Those with Allergies

Buckwheat husks, the filling in buckwheat pillow, are natural and organic. They do not contain synthetic chemicals or dyes that some other pillow filling materials may contain. Due to the uniqueness of buckwheat husks, buckwheat husks create an environment that is not conducive to the colonization of dust mites. Buckwheat pillows are less likely to contain these allergens.

Hot Sleepers

One of the primary reasons buckwheat pillows are ideal for hot sleepers is the exceptional air circulation they offer. The individual buckwheat hulls do not compress completely, leaving gaps for air to flow freely. This continuous airflow helps dissipate heat, ensuring the pillow remains cool to the touch. Keep sleepers cool and comfortable. The natural, organic nature of buckwheat also ensures that there are no synthetic materials which might trap heat. For those who find themselves tossing and turning due to warmth, a buckwheat pillow can be a game-changer.

How to Choose Buckwheat Pillows


One of the main advantages of buckwheat pillows is the unparalleled support they offer. The firmness of buckwheat hulls allows the pillow to contour perfectly to the shape of your head and neck. When choosing, ensure that the pillow is densely filled to provide consistent support throughout the night. If possible, test the pillow by lying down on it to check if it offers the right level of support without sinking too much.

Temperature Regulation

Buckwheat pillows are known for their excellent temperature-regulating properties. The natural gaps between the hulls allow for optimal air circulation, helping to dissipate heat and keep you cool during warmer nights. When selecting a pillow, look for one with a breathable casing to enhance this cooling effect. Organic cotton casings are a popular choice due to their natural breathability.

Check the Size

While the content of your pillow is critical, size also plays a role in ensuring comfort. Small, standard, and large sizes are the most common options. Choose the size that fits your bed and sleeping habits. If you move a lot while sleeping, you might benefit from a larger pillow that provides more coverage.

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Premium Pillowcase Material

The material of the pillowcase is the layer closest to your skin, so it’s essential to choose one that feels soft and is hypoallergenic. Organic cotton, bamboo are all excellent choices for buckwheat pillowcases. They not only feel luxurious against the skin but also complement the natural properties of buckwheat hulls. Ensure that the pillowcase has a sturdy zipper or closure mechanism to keep the hulls securely inside.、


When selecting a buckwheat pillow, consider the shape that best aligns with your sleeping needs. Traditional rectangular pillows are the most common, but there are also cylindrical and contour-shaped buckwheat pillows that cater to specific needs. For example, in addition to rectangular and cylindrical shapes, Ownkoti also provides buckwheat pillows such as rabbit shapes. If you suffer from neck or back pain, a contour shape may provide better alignment. On the other hand, a cylindrical shape can be ideal for travelers or those looking for more versatile support in various sleeping positions.

How to Clean Buckwheat Pillows

Before cleaning the buckwheat pillow, you must empty the buckwheat husk. Find the zipper or opening of the pillowcase, and slowly pour the casing into a large bowl or container. This ensures that you can clean the pillowcases without wetting the hull, as they shouldn’t. You can place a strainer or a cloth over the container to prevent dust or debris from contaminating the hulls. As you’re doing this, it’s a good chance to check for and discard any damaged or overly compressed hulls. When you wash the pillowcase , you can machine wash in cold water or hand wash.


Buckwheat pillows meld tradition and innovation. Buckwheat pillows have many advantages. When purchasing buckwheat pillows, pay attention to shape, size and material. Proper care, especially during cleaning, is vital for longevity. If you have head and neck pain while sleeping , Sweating and fever, you may need Ownkoti‘s buckwheat pillow.

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