How to Ride an Electric Bike With a Trailer


Electric Bike

Bike trailers can be an efficient and practical solution to carrying groceries or taking your children for an adventure ride. There is a size to suit every need – find one now! Electric bike can easily pull trailers with no trouble at all, thanks to their powerful motor that can haul loads up to 250 pounds.

Getting Started

Bike trailers can be an effective way to get your children outside and active, from nature walks and bike tours around town, all the way to grocery store visits.

An electric bicycle can make towing a trailer much simpler on hills. Furthermore, they allow for greater distance travel with heavier loads.

Most e-bikes can be fitted to nearly any bike trailer provided it features quick-release axle or thru-axle technology. If not, an adapter typically costs under $60.

Cargo trailers come in many different sizes to fit different bikes and are typically offered either with two wheels or only one. Two-wheeled cargo trailers provide greater stability and are easier to load, while single-wheel models are lighter and more portable. Heavy riders or those intending on hauling large loads uphill should consider an e-bike with the mid-drive motor as this may give an improved performance; these options tend to cost more than hub drive models, however.

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Safety First

Riding with a trailer adds weight and inertia to your bike, changing its ride characteristics significantly. Large rocks or high curbs may require extra distance for clearance while sudden steering manoeuvres could tip it over easily.

Electric bike make an excellent way of towing trailers since their motor provides sufficient power to help overcome hills without pedaling as hard. But be wary: as your trailer becomes heavier, its energy usage increases quickly; overusing will result in rapid battery depletion.

There are various trailer options you should keep in mind when selecting an E-bike trailer, the most common being child and pet trailers which can be quickly attached safely and effortlessly. Cargo trailers also exist that allow for long-distance transport of bulky gear; two-wheel versions usually provide greater stability and easier loading than single-wheel versions.

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Attaching the Trailer

When looking for an E-bike to tow a trailer, check that it can handle its load and has attachment points. If unsure, read reviews or contact the manufacturer if their E-bike will work with your specific trailer.

Some electric bike feature a “power-on-demand” mode that only activates when pedaling; this is ideal for light loads on flat terrain; however, for towing heavy loads you may require higher motor power ratings.

Breaking power is another aspect of consideration when purchasing an E-bike. Ideally, you want an E-bike equipped with disc brakes that perform reliably even under adverse conditions and a high-capacity battery to carry all your cargo without needing to recharge frequently – saving both money and time in the long run!

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Choose a mid-drive Electric Bike like the Juiced Ripcurrent S with a large battery pack for added power when pulling trailers. When doing so, gear the lowest gear and pedal harder than normal; otherwise it should work without issue provided your trailer does not weigh too much.

Burley offers single-wheel trailers that are ideal for narrow trails or paths where maneuverability is key, with this model capable of holding up to 100 lbs while remaining closely aligned with your bike, making control easy.

If you plan to use a trailer with your e-bike, make sure that its load rating meets your needs before heading out on public roads or trails. Keep in mind that your battery may have to work harder as you propel both yourself and the trailer which may limit its maximum range.

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