How To Grow Tomatoes In Florida

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Tomatoes are easy to cultivate and provide Floridians with a good starting point for vegetable farming. All around the state, people enjoy long or even multiple growing seasons, perfect for producing this hearty staple vegetable. Plus, if you can master growing tomatoes from seed or seedlings, you’ll have a solid foundation to build your farming expertise. Whether you’re looking for an heirloom, beefsteak, cherry, or paste-style tomato, you’ll be shocked and surprised by the wide variety available.

The right time to plant tomatoes

Understanding when to plant tomatoes in Florida might be challenging. To maximize the production of tomatoes before the beginning of summer heat, plantings in North Florida often begin in late February, after the last frost. Tomatoes may be planted in Central Florida in early February for harvesting in early summer and again in September for harvesting in the autumn and winter. Remember that frost is always possible in the early spring, so have clear plastic on hand to cover the plants or start them in pots that can be brought inside if frosty weather is forecast. Tomatoes may be cultivated in South Florida from August through March.

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Grow tomatoes in containers and gardens?

The answer to this question is contextual.

Use Pot: For bigger harvests, use larger pots (at least 5 gallons for each plant, preferably 10-15). Gravel or tiny stones at the bottom and a mix of potting soil with good drainage will provide the best results.

Use Garden: Larger plants and harvests are possible in the ground since the roots have greater room to spread out. This is particularly true with indeterminate kinds. Place plants 2 to 4 feet apart for the best growth. It’s important to have soil that drains efficiently and has enough nutrients.

Choosing between seeds or seedlings?

Tomatoes grow at a moderate rate at first. They need some time to settle in. Growing tomatoes from seedlings gives you a one- to two-month head start. The seedlings will be stronger and better furnished to face off with weeds if the watering timetable is not strictly followed. Plant seeds in potting soil and protect them from heavy rain if you’d prefer to grow from scratch instead of starting with a seedling from a friend or a nursery.

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What size of Tomatoes to grow?

Smaller tomatoes are often simpler to cultivate than bigger ones. Flowers on larger tomatoes require colder temperatures to set fruit, although wide varieties of cherry and grape tomatoes continue to bear fruit far into the summer. Since larger tomatoes take longer to grow and produce fewer tomatoes, they are more susceptible to being eaten by birds, damaged by caterpillars, or rotten by the elements.  

Requirement of sunlight

Tomato plants grow rapidly, doubling in size in about two weeks under the ideal conditions. Photosynthesis, which requires light, water, and nutrients for growth, is essential for their rapid growth. How much sun time do tomatoes need, then? Tomato plants should be in full sun for most of the day, preferably between six and eight hours. You can check weather data and get ideas to protect tomato plants.

If you reside where temperatures during the day often exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius), shading your tomato plants from the sun is a smart idea.

Watering your tomatoes

Tomatoes planted directly in the ground have longer, deeper roots that can better penetrate water. Tomatoes need plenty of water after planting to ensure the soil has an appropriate moisture level for growth.

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Water the plants early in the morning at the beginning of the growing season. Watering tomato plants twice a day may become necessary as temperatures rise. Watering tomatoes in a garden usually requires 1-2 inches per week.

Tomatoes grown in pots need more water than those planted in the ground. Water evaporation rates rise because the soil in containers warms up more quickly.

Generally, it’s best to water containers until water drains easily from the bottom. You should water immediately in the morning and then inspect the soil again in the afternoon. If the upper surface of the soil is dry to the touch, water it again.


Tomatoes may be grown in Florida if the right variety is chosen, there is enough space, and the soil is well-drained. Maintain consistent watering schedules, watch for pests and diseases, and provide vines with extra support. Florida’s mild climate and plenty of sunlight make it ideal for cultivating tasty tomatoes.

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