Ultimate Organization: The Metal Drawer System


Stylish, streamlined drawers give you optimal storage space and provide a European-style look. Plus, they make it easy to keep everyday items like utensils and dish towels within reach.

The best way to stay organized is to store things where you use them, Vig says. This keeps clutter from accumulating and makes it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Easy Access to Everything

With a minimalist look, our metal drawer box systems fit perfectly with modern kitchens. They are a growing trend as they match the European style favored by millennial homeowners, who prioritize functionality and efficiency in their homes.

These organizers are a top recommendation from the pros we spoke to, including Lauren Saltman of Living. Simplified. She loves that each one acts like a dispenser, with openings for gallon- and quart-sized bags and a spot for accessories such as pens to mark the sizes (and for refilling). Plus, the semitransparent design creates “accountability — there’s no hiding where you put things,” she says.

Britnee Tanner, a professional organizer with iDesign, recommends these slim dividers, which are ideal for storing utensils and other small items. She loves that the modular design can be mixed and matched, so it’s easy to adjust to fit your needs over time. And, the soft-close feature helps to eliminate slamming drawers and accidentally pinching your fingers.

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Stylish Design

Our metal drawer box system features a premium thin double wall design that allows designers to customize their storage solution. It is offered in a variety of lengths, drawer heights and color options to compliment the client’s style preference.

With a streamlined design that is perfect for contemporary European designs, the SIMLEAD drawer system adds a stylish appearance to any cabinetry. It also eliminates snags and pinch points that can occur with standard drawer systems. It offers a sleek look that is perfect for today’s lifestyles, including the multifunctional kitchen where family members work and socialize together.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, manufacturers are finding that metal drawers offer significant production efficiencies. They can be assembled and adjusted more quickly than wood construction drawers. Plus, they are resistant to moisture and thermal fluctuation and are easier to clean than porous materials like wood. These benefits are attractive to cabinet makers, as well as homeowners. The end result is a stylish, organized space that can last a lifetime.

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Durable Material

If you’re building your own drawer system, choose a durable material. “Bamboo is a great choice for kitchen drawers, because it’s durable enough to handle utensils and pots,” says professional organizer Jackie Solomon. Bamboo also blends in, so it won’t look like an add-on. Wood is another good option for dresser drawers, but you should avoid anything that can snag delicate fabrics, warns Heidi Lee, founder of home organization service Prune + Pare.

Mylen offers metal drawer box systems, with a sleek minimalist aesthetic that’s in line with contemporary European design schemes. The systems combine Zargen drawer sides and ball bearing slides to offer a new, innovative solution that’s fast and easy to install. These drawers are a popular choice among Millennial homeowners, who value efficiency and functionality. They also prefer the European style. They’re less expensive than many other drawer systems and have a lower environmental footprint, too. They’re a good fit for any budget.

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Easy to Clean

The key to home organization is having a system that allows for efficient storage. Whether you’re looking to declutter before guests arrive or simply need an organizational hack for the most frequented spaces, we have a solution for every space.

Aside from their stylish design, our drawer boxes are easy to clean. Their metal construction is resistant to moisture and thermal fluctuation, meaning they won’t warp over time – even after years of use. Plus, our LEGRABOX offers beautiful slim lines that can be mixed and matched with stainless steel or Orion gray drawer fronts to customize your look.

Getting your home organized can seem overwhelming. Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, we recommend starting with your most frequented spaces and then working your way down.

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