Training in digital marketing: the 10 essential skills


Today, online business is a lever for growth that no company (or almost…) can decently ignore. Communication on the web is a source of customers that generates more and more volume and extends to more and more sectors. Therefore, training in digital marketing is a need felt by more and more professionals.

The advantage with the different specialties covered by web marketing is that there is no need to be a graduate of any school, nor to have taken courses over several semesters to obtain results. You don’t even need a baccalaureate! That is to say…

Whatever your level in digital marketing, you can progress on the specific objectives that are yours. But don’t make us say what we haven’t said: the skills to be mastered are real and must be acquired from seasoned experts.

That’s good, at Ad Premier, we offer training, mostly remotely, on the various digital expertise practiced within our agency. And, because we have Qualipak certification, our training courses are eligible for funding of up to 100% by your OPCO.


It remains to determine the marketing skills that are a priority to develop your activity or boost your SEO for Clothing Brand. We have listed 10 of them, which are essential in many areas. You choose:


  • Paid Search campaign management
  • Natural referencing on search engines
  • Advertising on social networks
  • La communication social media
  • B2B strategies on LinkedIn
  • Prospecting by email
  • The UX of websites
  • Optimizing a Google Business Profile
  • Creating a website using a CMS
  • Data collection, processing and analysis
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What are the basic digital marketing skills that every learner should master?
    • How to deepen your skills in digital marketing once the basics are acquired?
    • Why is it important to develop your digital marketing skills?

Paid Search campaign management

The so-called “Paid Search” or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategies are a subcategory of Paid Media. They consist, for a company, in buying visibility on the internet thanks to search engines. The skills required for these strategies are among the most highly valued in web marketing. And for good reason, a good “traffic manager” (one who manages the acquisition of qualified traffic) cannot do without advertising on search engines.

In this case, the main challenge is knowing how to use Google Ads (see our Google Ads agency), which has won 90% of the French market share in this area. So, whether you are an e-merchant or a service provider, we can offer you Google Ads training adapted to your specific needs (beginner, intermediate or advanced level), to help you set up your own advertising campaigns and make profitable.

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Natural referencing on search engines

Choosing the alternation between paid referencing (Paid Search) and organic referencing on search engines is generally a good idea. Because it allows you to adapt to different keyword opportunities by favoring the most profitable channel. But above all, it allows you to maximize your visibility on certain searches, by appearing in both sponsored results and natural results.

For this, you have to train in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Over time, it is a lever for growth that generates a high ROI by focusing on the cumulative effects of content creation. But it is still necessary to have learned how to produce content optimized for SEO on Google and to make the technical environment in which it is published also optimized.

Advertising on social networks

Along with SEA, social media advertising is the other main branch of Paid Media. For a company that wants to put an advertising budget at the service of its online visibility, its use has become essential.

You may experience it as users: more and more people are placing Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or even Pinterest at the center of their daily practices. Mechanically, your prospects have also joined the movement, whether you operate in B2C or B2B.

However, the management of a “Business Manager” (Facebook advertising management center) cannot be improvised. So, a Social Ads training accessible to all (several possible levels) and focused on concrete results could be a wise way to embark on the adventure with the right cards in hand.

La communication social media

We think less about it, because it’s a skill that seems natural to us, but communication on social networks is also a real source of customers when it’s done well.

This can cover several professions, but we generally think of Community Managers when we refer to this skill. Within a company, the Community Manager is responsible for the organic dimension of the Social Media strategy. In other words, he is the one who thinks, writes and moderates the content of the company’s social pages.

And, don’t get me wrong, it’s a real expertise, which involves mastering several tools and having a solid marketing culture. Our Community Management training has been specially designed to teach you how to define your audience and how to interact effectively with it. The goal? Initiate useful traction for your activity from the social networks that suit you best.

B2B strategies on LinkedIn

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was just about finding a job. With its 23 million French users, the number 1 platform for professionals has become in just a few years a social network in its own right and a powerful digital marketing channel.

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However, who says social network says “Social Selling” … In other words, companies today have with LinkedIn a real business lever that relies on the interactions between individuals that social networks naturally generate. Our Social Selling training on LinkedIn covers the basic principles for implementing such a strategy.

But this is not enough to exhaust the potential of the platform, which benefits from being approached at the same time with a more traditional prospecting strategy, supported, of course, by the most recent digital tools. This is why we decided to also offer training in prospecting techniques on LinkedIn.

Prospecting by email

In the same vein as prospecting via LinkedIn messaging, prospecting by email is an approach that deserves to be rethought in the light of digital techniques. It obeys a guiding principle initiated by the American copywriters of the middle of the 20th century: contacting prospects in a way that is both massive and personalized, to establish a system of regular generation of customers.

With contemporary targeting and automation tools, this channel has seen its potential increase dramatically. So much so that, for many companies, it has become a pillar of growth. And it is the goal of our training in prospecting by email to offer you directly applicable processes for developing your own lists of prospects and contacting them in the right way.

The UX of websites

If you have a project to optimize your website, redesign your website, or even create it from scratch, now might be the perfect time to take a course in UX design for websites. By dint of focusing on traffic acquisition channels, we sometimes forget that the journey of a prospect within a web environment is the main factor in making him a customer.

Fortunately, UX is increasingly considered a central expertise of the digital sphere. It brings together the many principles of optimizing web pages in order to achieve a better browsing experience and, ultimately, a better conversion rate. From this point of view, we also sometimes speak of CRO, for “Conversion Rate Optimization”. This notably involves working on copywriting, page layout, menu organization, speed and fluidity of navigation, etc.

Optimizing a Google Business Profile

Google My Business newly called Google Business Profile is the blind spot of many digital marketing strategy. It’s a shame, because it’s a very popular interface for consumers. Companies that have completed their form 100% thus register 4 times more clicks, on average, to their website.

Optimizing this lever allows you to quickly obtain online or physical traffic, by accessing better visibility in the search results pages and additional ad extensions on Google Ads. Not to mention that it allows you to collect statistics on your prospects and therefore to better understand them.

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However, this optimization goes beyond the simple collection of customer reviews. We therefore decided to offer Google My Business training to help all entrepreneurs present online to effectively use their listing to boost their business.

Creating a website using a CMS

Because your website must be permanently faithful to your positioning, it must be scalable and able to adapt easily to the evolution of your strategies. From this point of view, there is nothing worse than an external service provider who manages 100% of the actions on your site and leaves you no means of intervening directly.

So, to be able to take an active part in the permanent transformation of your web pages, you must master the basic skills in this area. That’s good, the majority of professional sites are now built with the WordPress CMS, which allows you to meet many needs without knowing how to code. Our WordPress training will allow you to develop the fundamental know-how to create and update your company’s website yourself.

And if you are an e-merchant and prefer to opt for Prestation or Shopify, which are sometimes more suited to this sector than WordPress, we can also train you on these two CMS.

Data collection, processing and analysis

Data processing is surely one of the main challenges of the decade in digital marketing. More and more tools make it possible to trace and analyze user behavior in order to offer them consumer experiences that are perfectly suited to their needs. But many companies continue to make bets according to their intuition and do not rely on the potential of these tools to measure reality.

Admittedly, mobilizing 100% of this potential is an ambitious objective. On the other hand, setting up the foundations of a data collection strategy is an approach that is accessible and beneficial to all companies.

If your digital strategy does not involve complex tracking, our Google Analytics training should be enough for you to improve your understanding of your prospects and the analysis of the performance of your various actions. But, if you need to set up more advanced follow-ups on your user journeys, we recommend that you turn instead to our Google Tag Manager training, which meets broader objectives.

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