Top 5 Paris Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss


“To see Paris and die”… Probably the name of this city stirs up vivid associations in the mind of everyone because it is a mesmerizing city of beautiful architecture, world culture, and fashion.  Most trips to Europe, offered by travel agencies, try to necessarily capture at least a one-day excursion to France because there is something to see here. 

What should a tourist see in Paris? This is probably the most common question for travelers who are going to visit France. However, to answer this question is quite hard. These are the spots in Paris where everyone can find entertainment according to their taste. Many tourists visit Paris primarily for its unique and marvelous architecture of the past centuries, while other people enjoy visiting numerous museums. And if you belong to party-goers and gambling enthusiasts, you will find in Paris many nightclubs and casino establishments. Yes, you won’t need to gamble online teen patti combinations or other games while staying in Paris!

Paris is possibly the one place in the world where you can come across squares and streets, colorfully described by A. Dumas, and wander into the museum apartment of the legendary Coco Chanel. There are a great number of such unique places in Paris to visit! It does not matter whether you are traveling alone, or with a whole family, because this city will find ways to entertain each of its guests.

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The Louvre Museum 

If you want to travel around Paris on your own, then be sure to give this place at least a good half a day. The Louvre Museum opened its doors to all comers at the end of the XVIII century, until then, it was the residence and great treasury of the ruling dynasty, in addition, it housed the Ministry of Finance. This unique architectural creation, which boasts a long, eight-hundred-year history, is the largest and most visited museum in the world! Here can look at the immortal creation of Leonardo da Vinci, the enigmatic and unique Gioconda, as well as the equally popular and unique Nika of Samothrace and Venus of Milossa.

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Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Another timeless symbol of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral has become the most famous church in France. The immense popularity of this place was brought about by the work of Victor Hugo, which ignited the love of the French for it and fueled the interest of visitors. Even though the cathedral was repeatedly destroyed, the reconstruction still returned it to its original appearance and, in addition, awarded the famous gallery of chimeras.

Disneyland Paris

Although it is difficult to call Disneyland a direct attraction of Paris, as it is located outside the city, it would be a huge crime not to mention it in our list! If you think that there can’t be anything interesting there and it’s just an amusement park for small children, you are deeply mistaken! Even the most stale and boring adults here will remember what real fun and emotions are, because here you forget about reality, immersing yourself in the full atmosphere of festivity, joy, and a wonderful fairy tale. 

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Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees is one of the most famous Parisian streets, which stretches for almost two kilometers. Interestingly, the Champs-Elysees was not always the most prestigious and popular street in the city, once, until the beginning of the 17th century, it did not attract much attention of citizens, because nothing was interesting there. It was only when Maria de’ Medici ordered it to be ennobled that a court landscape designer designed the now-famous promenade.

Versailles Palace

This residence of the French kings with a capital letter, the pompous and luxurious structure of the era of the Sun King, is located on the outskirts of Paris but certainly deserves to go straight into the atmosphere of glamor, grandiosity, and unaffordability. This popular French attraction, which sees millions of tourists pass through every year, has a huge area of luxurious restaurants, stores, gardens, and parks.

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