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As a writer, the importance of producing high-quality content that engages your readers will definitely not be unknown to you. However, sometimes you may find yourself struggling to find the right words or phrases to express your ideas, knowledge, feelings, and experiences clearly and often you fail to come out of this writer’s block.

In this review, we’ll explore how can benefit writers by making their writing more concise, clear, and compelling. We’ll also be looking at the key features of the tool, its user experience, pricing, and plans. And in the end, we’ll be stating some of our recommendations for writers struggling to improve their writing skills.

Let’s start.

What is is an online tool that helps writers improve their writing by suggesting alternative wordings and phrasings. It utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its algorithms, which helps it to find and replace the best word in the given text.

It is designed to help writers make their writing more readable, avoid plagiarism, and improve the tone and flow of their content. This paraphrasing tool offers several unique features, like multiple paraphrasing modes, direct file uploading, and multi-lingual support. Besides, it is a freemium paraphrasing, which means users can also use it for free but certainly with some limitations.

Key Features of offers several key features that make it a valuable tool for writers. Here are some of the key features and how they can be helpful for writers:

·      Free to Start, as already mentioned, users can also use for free, with some limitations, such as 500 words and only two modes out of five being accessible for free.

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But if the free version can’t satisfy your need, then you can go with its premium version, which offers very affordable plans (which we will talk about in the upcoming headings).

·      User-friendly Interface has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it easy for writers to use the tool to improve their writing.

·      Rephrasing Modes offers five different rephrasing modes that writers can choose from depending on their specific needs. These modes are Fluency, Standard, Creative, Smart, and Formal. Here is a short explanation of each mode and how they rephrase the text.

To give you an authentic review of how each of its modes works, we have purchased the 7-days premium plan. Now, let’s see if is really worth buying or just a waste of money.

  • Fluency Mode: The Fluency mode is designed to help writers improve the readability of their content by suggesting simpler and more concise alternatives for complex phrases. This mode is particularly helpful for writers who are working on longer pieces, such as essays or articles.
  • Standard Mode: The Standard mode is designed to provide more neutral and straightforward wording suggestions that are suitable for a wide range of content types. This mode is ideal for writers who are looking for a more general approach to rephrasing their content.
  • Creative Mode: The Creative mode is designed to help writers come up with more unique and engaging ways to express their ideas. This mode is particularly helpful for writers who are working on marketing or promotional content.
  • Smart Mode: The mode Smart is designed to provide more context-specific wording suggestions that take into account the writer’s intended meaning and tone. This mode is ideal for writers who are working on specialized or technical content.
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  • Formal Mode: The Formal mode is designed to provide more formal and professional wording suggestions that are suitable for academic or research-based content. This mode is ideal for writers who are working on papers, theses, or other types of academic content.

So, these were the modes of and their working. Now, let’s move toward the next point.

How Can Be a Helpful Resource for Writers?

Here is how this rephrasing tool can help writers in their writing.

·      Keep the Essence of the Text Intact

When writers use to improve their writing, one of the key benefits is the ability to keep the essence of their content intact. This means that while the tool may suggest alternative wordings and phrasings, it does so in a way that preserves the original meaning and intent of the content. This is particularly important for writers who are working on marketing or promotional content.

·      Make the Content Readable

·      Helps to Avoid Plagiarism also helps to avoid plagiarism in the text by rephrasing and making the text unique. This can be particularly helpful for those who are working on academic or research-based content. But plagiarism can be found in any type of content, so is the best option.

·      Improved Tone and Flow

The tool helps to better the content tone and flow by finding the best words so that they can be replaced and the context doesn’t get disturbed.

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Benefits & Drawbacks

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using

Free to startThe dark mode isn’t available
Available in 22 different languagesThere are ads in its free version which is irritating sometimes
Doesn’t need to register or signup as a free userIt always requires a captcha before rephrasing (only in the free version)
Have very affordable pricing plans 
Live chatbot available 24/7 
Also provides mobile and desktop applications. 

Pricing of offers several pricing plans to suit users’ different needs and budgets. The premium version comes up with the following plans:

  • Weekly: $7/week
  • Monthly: $20/month
  • Annual” $150/year

So… Is Really a Good Tool for Writers?

After discussing everything about, we have come to the end that it can be a valuable tool for writers who are looking to improve their writing skills. The reason behind our answer is it can help to make content more readable, also avoid plagiarism, and improve the tone and flow of your writing. offers cheap and suitable plans as compared to other rephrasing tools, which everyone can afford. Along with this, if you are unsure about purchasing the premium plan, they also provide a free version in which you will be able to check whether this tool is according to your need or not, and then you can decide to go for its premium plan.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable and user-friendly tool to help you improve your writing skills, is definitely worth checking out.


Here we are with another review of the online tool. In this article, we have reviewed a popular and well-known online rephrasing tool called This tool is very helpful for writers who want to improve their writing skills.

We have discussed everything about this tool, including its key features, benefits, and drawbacks, and how it helps writers. And at the end, we have also discussed this tool’s pricing plan.

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