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The Joker attitude status has an iconic feeling that will hide the sadness behind a mask. We all do this in some form or another, and we call it “hiding our sorrows.”

My hobby is better than yours.
joker attitude quotes

This can be seen through status updates on social media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram Status where people post jokes to cover up their emotional pain while still trying not show any sign that they’re unhappy with life itself! featuring; Nepali Status.

best joker quotes
It's a beautiful day to be the bad guy.

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Joker Attitude Status

I’m all about the good life, but I never forget where I came from. 
joker with batman attitude status
You’re the only one who can stop them. You were born to do this.
I’m not a joker, but I do have a deck of cards.
I make my own rules and laugh at all the other fools who think they can control me.
I’m not laughing at you, I just can’t stop smiling.
I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain.
Bad boy Joker Status
I'm so joker that I've been arrested for laughing in court.
The only reason I keep coming back to this city is you. 
 I’m a joker, and I have no regrets.
I’m going to be the best at being me.
You gotta have a sense of humor if you want to be my friend.
A man who laughs is always at ease, a cat that grins has nothing to fear.
Laughter is the best medicine.
I'm going to be a joker forever.
I’m just someone who doesn’t mind dying for the people I love.
The joker is a very misunderstood character.
You can’t just run around and expect people to be happy all the time.
The only one who can keep up with me is my inner joker. 
We don't know what we want, but it's right in front of us.
Drama is so boring and I don't want to be surrounded by it.
Lighten up. There's no need to feel bitter about it all the time!
I am quiet because I don't like Drama.
I stay silent because it's in my nature to be calm and collected.
You heard false rumors about me.
If you smile, it confuses people.
It's a great feeling when you get to surprise someone with your smile.
If you're feeling down, just remember that everyone has something to laugh about. So go ahead and crack a smile.
Unfortunately, I've been known to be sweet and innocent.
Learning is a gift and pain can teach you lessons.
Madness is like gravity in the sense that it can't be avoided.
Madness is like gravity- it can't be explained with words, but you know when and where to find them.
It's kind of a way to hide your pain.

Joker Attitude Status Download

I’m not a joker, but I do like playing cards.
I don’t want to be the one who breaks your heart, but I will.
joker attitude status download
I’m the number one fan of my own life.
I’m not a bad guy; I just have a joker attitude.
I’m a little bit crazy, but that’s ok.
जोकर रवैया स्थिति डाउनलोड
A little bit of a joker attitude goes a long way.
I’m a problem solver. I solve people's problems.
I don’t need to be the best. I just want to look like a joker. 
I’m not a hero. I’m just someone who knew how to play the game.
You don’t have to be mad all the time, you can smile and laugh sometimes too.
You are the reason I’m laughing.

Best Joker Attitude Status

I’m the joker, I don’t look back.
best attitude status joker
You’re the only one who can stop yourself from being a joker.
I’m so happy that I found you.
I’m not going to smile for your camera. I don’t like you and there is nothing about this moment that I want to be captured.
I’m a joker and I love making you laugh.
You’re the one that I want, you’re the one that I need. 
I’ve been told to smile more, but I think that would make me look even more insane.
I’m not a bad guy. I’m just drawn that way.
घोंसला जोकर रवैया उद्धरण
I’m not a hero. I put on this costume because it was the only one that fit me.
You can't take life too seriously, because you'll never get out alive.
You have to be a little crazy to make it in this world, but you don’t want to cross the line.

Attitude Status Joker in Hindi

मैं जोकर हूं। मेरे पास हर अवसर के लिए एक चेहरा है, और यह उनमें से एक है।
Attitude Status Joker in Hindi
 मुझे उन लोगों से कोई समस्या नहीं है जो अलग हैं, मैं सिर्फ उन लोगों से नफरत करता हूं जो बेवकूफ हैं।
भले ही आप एक जोकर हों, यह कभी न भूलें कि आपका रवैया ही दुनिया को हंसाता है।
मैं सिर्फ एक जोकर हूं जिसकी बांह पर इक्का है।
मैं एक बुरा आदमी नहीं हूँ! मुझे बस गलत समझा गया है।
 मैं सिर्फ एक ऐसा व्यक्ति हूं जो सही समय पर सही जगह पर था और जो करने की जरूरत थी वह किया।
मैं जोकर हूं, मैं सिर्फ एक जोकर हूं।
मैं हीरो नहीं हूं। मैं एक केप में सिर्फ एक बूढ़ा आदमी हूँ।

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  • I am a strong independent person who has learned to take care of myself.
  • Life is too short to live in the past.
  • Turn around and see the show.
  • I’m not a hero. I’m just someone who knew how to play the game.
  • You don’t have to be mad all the time, you can smile and laugh sometimes too.
  • You are the reason I’m laughing.
  • मैं बस कोई लड़का हूँ, दुनिया के सामने खड़ा होकर “नहीं” कह रहा हूँ!
  • मेरे पास कुछ पेंच ढीले हैं, लेकिन बाकी मैं काफी हद तक एक साथ हूं।
  • मैं एक जोकर हूं और मैं यहां यह कहने के लिए हूं कि आप यह कर सकते हैं।

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