Hampta Pass Trek – Journey to the Himalayan Wonderland


The trails of Hampta Pass unfold delightful surprises at every turn. From flower meadows to icy glaciers, this trek is nothing short of a visual treat.

From Jobra to Balu ka Ghera, the trail of this trek is covered with small shrubs and oak and deodar trees. It gains height as it extends towards the first campsite Chikka.

What to Expect

The pristine trails of Hampta Pass Trek trekkers through meadows, glacial valleys, and exciting landscapes. It is no wonder that this mystical trek has the power to stir the soul of adventure lovers!

Your journey begins with a drive from Manali to Jobra, which is the base camp for this wonderful trek. As you trek from Jobra to Chika, you will witness the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Pine, maple, and birch trees flank the trail as you walk through lush green meadows and rocky peaks. The next stop, Jwara is surrounded by a meadow with colorful wildflowers and a gushing Rani Nala.

As you head towards Balu ka Ghera, you will see the trail slowly transform into a high altitude grasslands. This is the time of year when shepherds bring their sheep for grazing!

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Hampta Pass is a beautiful crossover trek that connects the lush green valley of Kullu-Manali to the arid landscapes of Chandra Valley in Lahaul. The trek is awe-inspiring with stunning vistas of gushing streams, cascading waterfalls, and soaring peaks. It also takes you through charming mountain villages and gives you a chance to interact with the distinct Buddhist culture.

The trail begins with pine, birch, and maple forests that give way to vast meadows. These are home to grazing cattle and serve as a canvas for stunning mountain views. As you move higher, the trail winds around colorful rhododendron forests and carpets of wildflowers.

Once you reach Balu ka Ghera campsite, the trek gets a little tougher as there is a lot of snow to deal with. But the scenery is worth it. This is when you witness the Himalayan wonders at their best. From here, you can see the massive outline of the Himalayas with nothing to obstruct your vision!

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Hampta Pass Trek offers a variety of landscapes and is open throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is from June to October when you can experience snowfall and glaciers.

The trek starts at Balu ka Ghera and is a moderate level hike. Once you start trekking, you will be awed by the surreal beauty of the Himalayas. The landscape changes every 2-3 km, giving you a different view of the Himalayas at each campsite.

The trek passes through charming mountain villages, including Sethan that has a distinct Buddhist culture. You can interact with the locals to learn more about their culture and lifestyle. You will also be able to see a wide range of wildlife, including Himalayan Griffon and Lammergeier, on the trek. The trek also offers a chance to stargaze at night due to the clear sky and absence of light pollution. The Himalayan peaks illuminate the skies in various shades of blue.

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The trail from Jobra to Chikka will take you through some stunning landscapes. The glistening streams, deep dark woods of oak and deodar, and the stunning coloring of the mountains and rocks give this place an impressive grandeur.

From here the trek gets a little challenging. The trails incline and get filled with slush making it difficult to walk ahead. The beautiful campsite of Balu Ka Ghera lies after this. This is the perfect location to witness a dramatic change in the landscape of the mountain.

It is also the best place to experience high altitude glaciers and the rocky terrains of the Himalayas. The enchanting Chandratal Lake is another highlight of this hike.

After this, you will come across charming mountain villages. Sethan is one of them, where you can acquaint yourself with the distinct Himalayan culture. It is also a wonderful place to relax and unwind. The trek will then continue towards Shea Goru, a desert oasis.

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