IRCTC Ticket Booking and Check Where is My Train

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IRCTC Ticket Booking and Check Where is My Train

With the introduction of technology, the Indian Railways has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. Through this digital revolution, IRCTC offers various services, including IRCTC ticket booking and travel packages.

This article discusses the connection between booking tickets and the Where is My Train feature.

IRCTC Ticket Booking

IRCTC has simplified the life of the typical person travelling by the Indian Railways. The IRCTC ticket booking system has empowered people through the introduction of technology. 

The Indian Railways provide an easy way to book your train tickets online. Tickets can be booked 120 days in advance through the IRCTC Online Ticket Booking System. 

Passengers can book tickets through IRCTC’s website or the IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App.

A step-by-step guide to booking tickets on IRCTC 

There are seven easy steps for registering and booking tickets through the IRCTC eWallet:

  • Login to the IRCTC portal using your username and password.
  • In the Plan My Travel page, under the IRCTC eWallet section, click on the IRCTC eWallet Registration link.
  • Provide your PAN card, Aadhar and other details to complete the verification process.
  • Deposit the one-time registration fee of Rs 50 (excluding service tax) online.
  • Redemption and membership fees can be changed at IRCTC’s discretion. 
  • Credit a minimum of Rs 1000 in the IRCTC eWallet and top up whenever necessary. The maximum deposit amount in the wallet is Rs 10,000.
  • You can use the IRCTC eWallet at the time of IRCTC ticket booking.

Where is My Train Feature

The Where is My Train feature helps passengers keep track of their train’s running status. Passengers can use this feature to determine the time taken to cover the distance between two destinations, the expected arrival and departure time at every station and the route followed by the train.


Passengers can access this feature using Railofy’s IRCTC-approved train running status. All you need to do is enter the train’s name or number, and Railofy will access the live data from NTES. 

This feature is important for two kinds of passengers:

  • Those who are already on the train: these passengers want continuous updates about the train’s estimated arrival time so that they can make plans accordingly. 
  • Those who have yet to board the train: These passengers wish to be updated about the train’s arrival time so they can reach the station on time.

Here are a few steps to help you check the Where is My Train feature:

  • Enter the name or number of the desired train.
  • Select the appropriate date and station to check the ETA and ETD.
  • Railofy will provide accurate, real-time data about your train and journey.

Benefits of using “Where is My Train.”

Here are a few benefits of using the Where is My Train feature:

Improves your Ability to Plan

Tracking your train’s live running status helps you plan your journey more efficiently. It allows passengers to time their arrival at the station while boarding or plan their future means of conveyance at the end of their trip. 

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Reduces Stress

Waiting at the station without information about your train can be a stressful experience. There is always a fear of missing the train or being stranded at the station for too long due to delays. Tracking your train status can help reduce this stress. The Where is My Train feature helps plan and schedule your day according to the timelines mentioned by IRCTC.

Saves Time

Tracking the train’s live running status helps passengers organise their day in case of delays or early arrivals. One need not waste time standing at the station for hours waiting for their train. 

Tips for Efficient Ticket Booking and Train Tracking

Given below are some tips and tricks to ensure a seamless and convenient journey:

Book Tickets in Advance

It is better to book your tickets in advance to get your desired class, coach and seats at a lower price. Keeping track of important dates like reservation periods and peak seasons to ensure you get a ticket for your preferred date.

Make use of IRCTC’s Tatkal Service.

IRCTC’s Tatkal service allows passengers to book tickets one day before the travel date. All important details and modes of payment must be ready before the Tatkal window opens. 

Turn on Notifications for Train Status Updates

IRCTC gives updates to passengers regarding delays, platform changes and cancellations. Giving notification permissions helps you keep track of your train’s whereabouts and plan accordingly.


The integration of booking tickets with the Where is My Train feature has changed train travel in India. It provides a convenient way to book tickets and track the train’s live running status, helping passengers plan their journey efficiently and save time.

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Is there an official app for checking the live train status?

Passengers can use Railofy’s IRCTC-approved train running status to check the live train running status. All they need to do is enter the train name or number, and Railofy will access the live data from NTES.

How can I check the platform at which my train will arrive?

Railofy’s Where is My Train feature provides the live train running status and gives real-time information on the coach position and the platform number where the train will arrive.

What do the abbreviations TQWL, RLWL, PQWL, GNWL and RAC mean?

Keep a look out for the following abbreviations while booking your train ticket:

  • TQWL: Tatkal Waiting List
  • RLWL: Remote Location Waiting List
  • PQWL: Pooled Quota Waiting List
  • GNWL: General Waiting List
  • RAC: Reservation Against Cancellation

Can I see the train tickets I booked on my device?

Yes, booked train tickets can be viewed on your device. Railway authorities accept tickets in the form of PDFs or on mobile apps as proof of booking.

Why should I use the “Where is my Train” feature?

The Where is my Train feature allows passengers to track their train’s whereabouts. It helps them plan their journey more efficiently by giving real-time updates about the train’s location, ETA, and ETD.

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