How To Increase Your Company’s Profitability Through Packaging

Oliver Jay

Having a great product is only the first step to successfully getting that product into customers’ hands and pantries. Packaging choices play a pivotal role in both the success of a product and its overall profitability. The right mylar packaging is more than just a way to keep your product safe.

Packaging can be a key strategic component for any growing business. Here’s how packaging decisions can drive sales, market your brand and increase 

Consider Sustainable Packaging Options

Many modern consumers are highly conscious of the impact their everyday shopping choices have on the environment. Switching to a more sustainable form of packaging can convince these customers to take a risk on a new product. The same low weights and reduced bulk that make packaging more sustainable can also make your product less costly to ship. 

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Implement Low MOQ Packaging

Like any strategic decision, it’s wise to test out multiple options before committing to a potentially costly path. Ordering packaging with low MOQ allows a company to see firsthand which options are the most potentially profitable for any specific product.  

What does MOQ stand for? This common packaging acronym stands for “minimum order quantity.” It’s a common misconception that custom-printed packaging must be ordered by the tens of thousands. Finding a custom packaging option with a low MOQ minimizes the potential for losses when experimenting with packaging decisions and can keep costs down for newer companies.

Expand Your Offerings With Differently Sized Packaging

Using different materials isn’t the only way to experiment with profitability through packaging. Finding low MOQ packaging can allow your company to offer different size options to customers.

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Many customers will hesitate before buying a new full-sized product. Offering sample sizes or single-serving pouches opens up a plethora of marketing opportunities for your brand. Sample sizes can go into monthly meal kits or care kits, boosting brand awareness among your target customer base. Since single-serving packages are pre-measured and have little risk of going stale, they are a great way to ensure customers get the best possible first experience with your product.

You can also package single-serving pouches together and sell them as their own product offering. Customers will pay more for less product and the convenience of taking pre-measured servings on the go. 

Improve Shelf Appeal With Vibrant and Informative Packaging

Packaging is your company’s most important and immediate marketing tool. Vibrant custom packaging with a colorful company logo improves brand visibility on shelves and can help your product stay in customers’ minds. 

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Advanced packaging options can also incorporate QR codes. Customers who scan these codes can sign up for company updates, creating an effective marketing list all with one simple code placed on the packaging. These codes are ideal for any brand that wishes to incorporate more information than packaging alone can accommodate. 

Packaging is as important a concern as the product itself, providing protection, ease of use, a marketing logo and important product information. Use custom printed stand up pouches low minimum to reduce costs and improve brand recognition. 

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