Debunking Some Myths & Misconceptions about Loan Apps Online in 2023

Oliver Jay

There are numerous cash advance apps for quick and easy personal loan approval and access to funds in case, of an emergency. The top trusted loan apps are known for providing convenient and seamless services without astronomical fees or charges. Getting loan approvals from conventional banks can be an extended and tedious process because of complex paperwork and too many rules and regulations. However, instant loan apps have dramatically transformed the overall lending ecosystem once and for all, according to experts at Forbes. Loan apps online are an excellent option for people who wish to avoid taking loans from traditional channels or local moneylenders. Loan apps have gained phenomenal popularity lately since they are convenient, easy, and fast to borrow money especially, during an emergency or crisis. There are a few myths and misconceptions about online loan apps.

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Misconception: High Credit Score Is Mandatory for Instant Loans Online

Your credit report and credit score help lenders to get all the relevant information about you and your credit history. Conventional banks and financial institutions rely predominantly on your credit history for loan approval. It is a vital decision-making parameter for such lenders. However, digital lenders avoid following such a stringent principle. 

They examine numerous factors like stable and steady income, account details, employment status, online shopping behavior, payment history, and social media profiles. Online instant personal loan apps do not focus on credit scores solely. They rely on leveraging cutting-edge ML or Machine Learning competencies and digital footprints for determining the perfect loan amount for you to repay the monthly installments in a hassle-free manner.

Misconception: Instant Loans Come at a Higher Interest Rate

The rate of interest depends chiefly on the reason or purpose behind taking the loan. Credit cards and personal loans do not need any collateral hence, they are unsecured loans. If you fail to repay your debt, the online lender cannot salvage the loss since he has no collateral. As such, interest rates are relatively higher. Home loans promise a lower rate of interest since your home is the collateral. However, business loans are known to be incredibly flexible, and you can negotiate the interest rates as per CTN News. 

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Misconception: Instant Loan Apps Online Are Unauthorized or Illegal 

While taking loans, you need to do ample research and make an educated decision. Before choosing the lender online, you may do adequate research and verify their legal status and authenticity. Make sure that they are registered with the Reserve Bank of India. You may choose only well-established platforms that follow standard rules and regulations and strictly comply with existing regulatory guidelines. All legitimate lenders online follow the standard collection or approval procedures as mandated by the RBI.

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Misconception: Incompetent Customer Service 

It is a misconception since these instant loan apps focus primarily on customer service and satisfaction. All transactions happen online and lenders offer excellent customer experience. They provide in-app and WhatsApp chat bots to respond to customer queries promptly. These bots are proficient at AI and NLP or Natural Language Processing. Hence, they can clearly understand the nature of your queries and respond positively.


There are several other myths and misconceptions about online loan apps, but despite all that instant loan apps are flourishing. You may examine their authenticity before submitting your loan request.

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