Dump Pouch Buying Guide


Whether you’re looking to store empty magazines or speed up your reload time, dump pouches are an essential piece of tactical gear.

Dump pouches come in a variety of sizes and can be made from different materials. They usually have some kind of grommet on the bottom which allows dirt, sand, and water to pass through instead of collecting in the pouch.


Dump pouches are a great way to store empty magazines and speed up your reload time. They also come in handy for storing other gear such as flashlights and handcuffs.

However, it is important to choose the right size when buying one. This is because some dump pouch are too big and take up too much real estate on your PALS or belt.

Our Dump Pouch is ideal for those who want a compact folding pouch that stows away on your belt, but still provides enough capacity to hold extra ammo or snacks.

This Dump Pouch features a large adjustable elastic draw cord opening and a hook and loop fastener flap to secure contents inside the pouch. It also features a grommet drain hole that helps keep dirt and water out of the bottom of the bag. It also includes MOLLE straps to attach it to your tactical vest.

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Dump pouches are a useful way to store items you need to access quickly. They are easy to carry on duty belts and are also lightweight and durable.

One of the most important features to look for in a dump pouch is the closure system. Closure systems can range from shock cords to zippers and bungees.

The best dump pouches feature a secure closure that prevents the pouch from coming loose while on duty. This will help reduce wear and tear, keep your gear safe, and ensure you are always prepared for any situation.

Another great feature is a drain hole underneath the pouch that allows water or dust to fall out. This makes it easier to clean the bag after use and prevents dirt from accumulating in the bottom of the pouch. This can be a big benefit for guys who need to carry water or other supplies that get dirty easily.

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A dump pouch is a convenient way to stow extra stuff on your belt. It’s a great way to carry snacks, a one-liter Nalgene bottle, or even loose ammo.

You should also look for a dump pouch with a good closure system. This is especially important if you’re going to be carrying sensitive items inside.

HSGI’s Mag-Net pouch is purpose-built with this in mind. It’s made out of a mesh material that doesn’t retain dirt or sand like most other dump pouches do.

Another feature is a new anti-snag flap material that can be closed to hold the contents of the pouch more securely. This helps the pouch tuck into your belt line when not in use, which is a great feature.

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A dump pouch is the perfect place to stow extra magazines, water bottles, ifaks, gloves, or other items that you need quick access to. A good dump pouch should be durable and easy to open and close.

If you are looking for a dump pouch, there are many different options available to choose from. Some dump pouches are foldable and lightweight while others are rigid and provide superior protection for your gear.

Some of these pouches are suited for military personnel or law enforcement officers while others are more practical for hunters and outdoor activities. These pouches are designed with features such as MOLLE webbing and multiple compartments that make them ideal for carrying gear on your belt.

Some of these pouches are very small and take up little space on your belt. They are also great for guys who may only need a dump pouch from time to time or who want to limit their belt real estate.

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