Common RO Problems about Which You Must Be Thoroughly Attentive


As water constitutes 60% of our body weight, it is essential to ensure clean and pure water intake. But this seems impossible with the constant increase in pollution. Moreover, with the increase in the percentage of contaminants in water, it has become essential for every household to install the best quality water purifier. 

However, selecting a water purifier that perfectly fits the purpose requires several considerations. These are the water quality, the machine’s storage capacity, company certification, and many more. But these will only help you to choose your one-time investment. The main part is the proper maintenance of the RO water purifier. Look for RO service near me in Vadodara to receive the best help.

With regular use, issues with the filter, membrane, and several other purifier parts might occur. Regular servicing will help keep your machine in good condition and ensure pure drinking water. This will lower the risk of waterborne diseases and also gift you clear skin. 

Sometimes despite timely servicing, your water purifier might ask for help by showing several signs. Being unaware of such signs might pose a threat to your healthy lifestyle. Below are some of the most common problems you must always remain attentive to.

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Change in the Smell and Taste of Water:

The filter can be considered the heart of your purifier. It is one of the essential things responsible for cleaning all the impurities from the water and making it fit for drinking. Impure water can change the smell and taste of water. 

So if you find that your water tastes a bit different and unusual, you must consider calling a servicing expert and checking the filters. Due to regular use, a thin layer of inorganic or organic compounds accumulates on the filter and blocks the pores. As a result, the performance of the filter declines. Consider searching for a water purifier service in Vadodara or enter the name of your city in the search box to find experienced servicing experts. 

Such problems usually require filter replacement immediately to prevent contaminants’ dissolution in the water.

Slowed Water Pressure or Flow:

If you find that the water flow has suddenly reduced, it is due to the low pressure of the water. The minimum pressure in RO ranges between 50-60 PSI. If the pressure is less than that, you need to be attentive to your RO. 

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Such problems might occur due to bladder leakage or some inner malfunctioning. Call a service provider immediately and opt for a maintenance check. Typically experts recommend the replacement of clogged filters. Look for experienced professionals, as regular technicians might not be trustworthy.

Leakage from the Faucet of the Purifier:

If you have been experiencing constant water leakage from your RO purifier’s faucet, the O-ring’s fitting might not be correct. The purpose of the O-ring is to prevent the leakage of water. But if it is not fitted tightly or is malfunctioning, you need to call RO servicing experts to settle the issue as early as possible.

Tank of the Purifier Taking Too Long To Fill:

This is yet another problem that RO purifier users frequently face, where the tank doesn’t fill or takes too long to fill. The reason behind this is low PSI which can occur from a clogged or damaged membrane of the filter. 

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You can easily avoid such scenarios by opting for membrane replacement at least once a year. If your technician finds out there are some other reasons, they will recommend installing a pump. 

Unconventional Noises in the RO Purifier:

Vibrations in the RO pump can be a common cause of unusual noises. If not proper attention is given to such issues, it will cause harm to other parts of the RO and cause disruption. Call a servicing professional to know the exact reason behind such problems and to get expert advice for future resolutions.

Final Thoughts:

Attention to all these signs will help you maintain your RO purifier well and ensure its longevity. The best way to maintain your purifier efficiently is to opt for annual maintenance plans that will take care of all the issues and offer emergency services. 

Also, ensure that the servicing experts have been properly trained and have licenses because you can’t offer any random technician the responsibility of fixing an expensive machine. You can also look for customer reviews to ensure they are knowledgeable.

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