Buying Used Vehicles in Kelowna


West Kelowna is known for its beautiful outdoor spaces and activities, especially year round. Owning your own vehicle makes all those activities more accessible and easier.

Discover innovative technology, state of the art safety features, polish, elegance and power in a new vehicle from KELOWNA MERCEDES-BENZ, LEXUS OF KELOWNA, KELOWNA INFINITI or KELOWNA NISSAN, part of Sentes Automotive – located in Central Okanagan.


Innovative technology and state-of-the-art safety features are just a few of the reasons to choose a vehicle from KELOWNA MERCEDES-BENZ, LEXUS OF KELOWNA, KELOWNA INFINITI and KELOWNA NISSAN, part of Sentes Automotive, located in beautiful Central Okanagan. From a mid-size pickup truck like the NISSAN FRONTIER or full-size trucks like the NISSAN Titan, to luxury SUVs and even a LEXUS RX 500h self-charging hybrid electric car from KELOWNA NISSAN – you’re sure to find the perfect used vehicle for your lifestyle at any of our locations.

Drive home confident in a vehicle with advanced safety systems, including PRESAFE® which anticipates an accident by sensing braking and acceleration patterns, ATTENTION ASSISTTM which detects driver fatigue, and much more. Whether you want to lease or purchase your next vehicle, our sales consultants will create a deal for you with premium services.

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When you purchase a used vehicle at KELOWNA NISSAN, LEXUS OF KELOWNA, MERCEDES-BENZ OF KELOWNA or INFINITI OF KELOWNA, you can expect to be amazed by the style features that will enhance your drive. From NISSAN’s mid-size pickup truck – the NISSAN Frontier with 6490 pounds of towing capacity – to the EQS SEDAN or EQB SUV from MERCEDES-BENZ, discover vehicles that bring assertive sophistication and pure exhilaration to your daily driving experiences in Central Okanagan.

Embrace luxury with the premium services of our sales consultants and finance service managers, whether you’re looking for lower monthly payments or to build equity – or both. Whether you choose the sophisticated INFINITI Q50 sedan from INFINITI OF KELOWNA or the innovative, resourceful LEXUS RX HYBRID ELECTRIC from LEXUS OF KELOWNA, power your potential and realize your moment.

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In Central Okanagan, there is no shortage of activities for you to take advantage of. And owning your own vehicle makes them all that much easier to enjoy. With a pickup truck like the NISSAN Frontier with up to 6490 pounds of towing capacity or a full-size model like the NISSAN Titan, you can get everything done from a quick trip to the grocery store to hauling all your gear out into the wilderness.

For a more refined experience, choose from the advanced A-CLASS SEDAN, CLA COUPE, and CLS CABRIOLET or the sophisticated E-CLASS SEDAN at KELOWNA NISSAN, a sporty and luxurious RX HYBRID ELECTRIC SUV at LEXUS OF KELOWNA, or a visionary electric car like the EQS SEDAN at MERCEDES BENZ KELOWNA. Empower your life and realize your moment with a superb deal on a used vehicle from these premium dealers in the Okanagan.

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There are a number of things that influence a car’s value, including mileage and condition. However, options and location can also play a role. For instance, a convertible or sports car will hold its value better in coastal areas than a minivan or pickup truck. Buying used can also make sense from a financial perspective because it reduces the initial depreciation new-car buyers face.

KELOWNA NISSAN offers a variety of great used vehicles for sale. From the NISSAN Frontier, a mid-size truck with up to 6490 pounds of towing capacity, to the full-size NISSAN Titan with a 5.6-liter V-8 engine, these vehicles can take you from your next trip to the grocery store to a trek through the mountains.

Discover luxury and empowerment with premium services from our sales consultants and financial service managers – lower monthly payments, build equity or take advantage of the vehicle loyalty program. Empower your life and realize your potential with KELOWNA INFINITI.

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