Best WooCommerce Themes For WordPress


If you’re looking to set up an online store, you need a theme that will help you design a professional site. A good woocommerce theme should offer flexible and easy-to-use features, be compatible with all WooCommerce extensions/addons, and work on different screen sizes and devices.

It should also be SEO-friendly so you can get more traffic to your website and sell more products.


With online shopping in South Africa on the rise, business owners are turning to website-building software like Shopstar to build their brands and expand their reach. They offer low rates, simple design templates and great support.

Whether you’re selling jewelry, arts and crafts, or anything in between, Shopstar is an excellent choice for e-commerce. It’s easy to use, offers a range of templates and is well-optimized for search engines.


Balance is a flexible and feature-rich WordPress theme with a unique product grid and impactful white space to help you stand out from the competition. It also includes ready-to-go blocks for creating custom product pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages to help boost your online sales.

It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, so it’s easy to tweak your site’s layout without touching code or having any web development knowledge. You can also use the theme’s in-built SEO features to make your site more search engine friendly.

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Indigo is a rich shade that sits between blue and violet on the color wheel. It represents tranquility, harmony and confidence, and it can be used to create a sophisticated vibe in a variety of graphic designs.

The color also has a strong mystical connection to spirituality and meditation. It has been associated with good luck and protection in Native American cultures, as well as Hinduism.

A small village in Tamil Nadu called Kongarapattu has long been celebrated for its production of natural indigo dye. Visitors from all over the world come to see this “blue gold” extraction process.


Arcade is a Storefront child theme featuring a bold and modern design that takes inspiration from a variety of game and tech stores all over the web. It includes a unique homepage layout that was designed specifically to showcase a wide range of products in an easy-to-digest format.

It is also fully responsive, allowing you to display your content on every screen size without having to worry about coding or plugins. It is also SEO ready, so you can boost your rankings across the search engines.

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It is made on the Herculean Storefront inside dad or mum object to that quantity thou perceive or love, which means you’ll regularly experience 100% competence along with the model new variations concerning WooCommerce but a spread of customer-facing WooCommerce extensions. Have larger ambitions? Install Storefront Mega Menus and take your Arcade-powered online shop to the next level instantly, no cheat codes required.

Blossom Shop Pro

Blossom Shop Pro is the best wooCommerce theme that helps you create a beautiful online store. It has a simple-to-use design and is SEO-advanced to help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This theme features a beautiful homepage layout that puts your new arrivals, top sellers, and popular products front and center. It also showcases several call-to-action sections on the home page, along with a portfolio for your products.

This theme is fully responsive so it looks great on all screens. It is also optimized for speed so your website loads quickly and provides an excellent client experience.

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EightStore Pro

If you want a high-quality woocommerce theme that is easy to set up and customize, EightStore Pro is a good option. It features multiple home page layouts and a full-screen slider.

It also comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, a customizable cart and checkout page, Ajax filters and more. It can help you increase your sales and conversions.

It’s a clean and minimalist design that lets images showcase products at their best. The pages load quickly and navigation is intuitive.


The Astra theme is one of the best woocommerce themes for WordPress and it comes with a wide range of layouts. It allows you to design your website without any coding knowledge.

Astra also offers a number of features to boost your online shop. For example, it has a live product search, wishlist, sticky header, pop-up cart and quick view options.

Astra also comes with a Self-Google Fonts feature, which sends just one request to Google and locally stores the fonts on your server. This saves a lot of requests and improves the loading speed of your site.

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