8 Reasons Why Apartment Living Remains Popular

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The 2021 Australian Census has shown that more than 2,5 million people currently live in apartments. Further research shows that the demographic that makes up apartment dwellers includes students, young professionals and even retirees.

More Australians are opting to find apartments via the real estate agents Langwarrin residents rely on to help them find suitable housing. If you’re on the fence about whether you should invest in an apartment, this post will help you get some perspective about the popularity of this option.

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Apartment Living—Trendier Than Ever

There was a time, not so long ago when apartment living was considered a steppingstone to affording a “proper” home. It was often a common choice for young people, students or even young newlyweds to start out on their own.

Times have changed though and living in apartments is no longer a simple steppingstone but can actually be a permanent residence of choice. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to swap potential backyards for balconies and roof gardens. With that said, let’s take a look at the reasons that make apartments so popular.

1.     Locations are Becoming More Appealing

Apartments used to be associated with city living because that’s where they were built. However, these days, stylish apartments are being built in and around inner-city suburbs.

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This makes it possible for people to live in neighbourhoods they like but wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford a house in. Furthermore, with apartments in a range of different sizes, it’s easy for potential homeowners to find the perfect space suited to their needs.

2.     Higher Level of Security

One of the top benefits of living in an apartment complex is the security that’s on offer. Many of these complexes require key card access or special codes that prevent just anyone from being able to get in.

Larger, more luxurious apartment buildings also have security staff on duty that ensure access to the actual building, car parks, lobbies, and communal areas is limited to residents only. These facilities can often be monitored by CCTV security, enhancing safety.

3.     Apartments are More Sustainable

Since most apartments are smaller than the average house, it means the occupants usually own fewer belongings. Ultimately, this means there’s less that eventually goes to local landfills.

Additionally, these smaller spaces require less air conditioning to heat or cool the space. Since many modern apartment buildings are built with sustainable and green features in mind, it’s easier for apartment dwellers to reduce their general carbon footprint.

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4.     Some Apartments Boast Very Desirable Features

Modern apartment complexes are being built with long-term stays in mind, meaning developers make it more appealing. Some features you may start seeing in apartment buildings in your area include:

  • Communal swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Child-care or pet-sitting facilities
  • Roof decks for urban gardening
  • Entertainment areas

Also, with the sense of community created by living so close to neighbours, it’s easier for apartment dwellers to socialise with people of similar interests.

5.     Can Be Cost-Effective

In most cases, apartments can be considerably cheaper than houses in a similar area. This is especially the case if you’re opting for an apartment with little floor space. Smaller spaces are also likely to result in lower utility costs.

Smaller spaces are ideal for people who don’t enjoy large spaces, gardens and properties containing areas you’ll never really use.

6.     Maintenance is Generally Cheaper and Easier

Since apartments are typically smaller, there’s considerably less maintenance compared to a larger property. Upkeep and cleaning are also greatly reduced in comparison to what you would expect in a larger space that also has a garden that will require mowing and cleaning.

7.     Usually Closer to Amenities

Another attraction to apartment living is the proximity to local amenities. Apartment complexes in the city offer residents easy access to all the amenities needed to live comfortably. This can include:

  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Schools, colleges or study areas
  • Local parks offering children or pet play areas
  • Public transport facilities
  • Local restaurants, pubs and coffee shops
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The convenience offered by being close to all the local amenities is often a top reason for residents to use the home property management Langwarrin estate agents offer to find local apartment listings.

8.     Much Easier to Decorate

It’s no secret that large spaces require a lot of effort to decorate. This involves interior decorating as well as aspects such as flooring, tiling and painting. Fortunately, smaller spaces are easier to decorate and much cheaper!

With fewer walls to paint, or find decorations for, it’s much easier to create the perfect aesthetic for your living space.

Final Thoughts

Owning or renting an apartment has several benefits that make it well worth considering. This is especially the case if you prefer a minimalistic lifestyle or simply enjoy being close to all the local amenities that make your area a fun place to live!

It’s worth the investment, so talk to an estate agent today.

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