6 Common Types of Earthmoving Equipment Used in Australia

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No matter where you live in Australia, chances are there’s some type of construction going on in your area. That means, there’s most likely a wide range of machines standing around, ready to perform their specific job functions.

That may leave you wondering about the most common types of construction machines as well as their uses. While most construction companies choose to look for a kubota mini excavator for sale to complete jobs, the reality is that there are a bunch of other machines needed as well.

What Defines Earthmoving Equipment?

Understanding the concept of earth-moving equipment is quite simple. Essentially, earthmoving equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles generally used in various types of earthwork construction. These machines are designed to perform large-scale job functions in a considerably shorter time than it would take to perform the same task manually.

Earthmoving Equipment—Types and Uses

There are a bunch of different types of machines that make up the earthmoving equipment grouping. To a novice, one machine may seem to be doing the same work as another. This is however not the case.

If you’ve ever been curious about the different types of machines needed on the average construction site, this post is a must-read. Here’s a brief look at the most basic types of earth-moving equipment you’ll see around construction sites in your neighbourhood.

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1.     Cranes

Cranes are machines used extensively for lifting and moving heavy loads around the job site. Additionally, cranes can be used to move building materials where tall buildings and skyscrapers are being constructed.

In addition to tower cranes, many construction companies make use of mobile cranes to get hoisting jobs done quickly. Cranes generally have a lifting capacity ranging between 20 and 500 tons.

2.     Skid Steers

Another popular machine seen around just about every job site is a skid steer. It’s generally one of the smallest and most nimble machines, and it’s also the most versatile. Since they’re lightweight, these machines are ideal for jobs in smaller spaces such as urban construction sites.

These units are also compact enough to not cause any damage to the ground they’re used on. The biggest plus is that a variety of accessories can be fitted onto the front of the machine, making it versatile enough to perform a host of different tasks.

In addition to renting, business owners can also look for a skid steer loader for sale to add to their fleet of heavy-duty machines. It’s always a wise investment to get versatility for your fleet.

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3.     Dump Trucks

For the most part, dump trucks are used to move materials from one point to another and then, as the name implies, dump the contents. While they have a very limited function, they’re still very handy on job sites.

4.     Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt pavers are generally accompanied by dump trucks during road construction. The dump truck lifts the material needed to create the road into the asphalt paver. Once that happens, the asphalt paver uses sharp dispersion augers to disperse the asphalt across the levelled-out road surface.

The paver then rolls the surface flat using a hydraulic cylinder. This in turn makes the surface stable enough to walk or drive on.

You’re more likely to see an asphalt paver in one of the following places:

  • Private and public roads
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial sites
  • Building construction sites
  • Recreation sports courts
  • Bridge decks
  • Apartment complex driveways

5.     Dozers

Dozers, also known as bulldozers, are quite possibly the most heavy-duty of machines around a construction site. The sheer size of these machines makes it relatively easy for them to push large amounts of dirt, rock and even rubble out of the path of intended construction.

These machines generally work with blades that can be lifted and tilted to adapt to a wide range of different tasks. Another plus point is that advances in modern technology now result in dozers with programmable controls, making the process a lot easier for machine controllers.

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Dozers are typically used for the following functions:

  • Excavation of large quantities of materials such as rock and foliage
  • Clearing land
  • Ripping, cutting and filling in construction and farming functions

6.     Backhoe Loader

Commonly referred to as the jack of all trades, another versatile machine is the backhoe loader. Since this machine is fitted with a bucket at the front as well as a rear-mounted bucket typically used for excavation.

As with the skid steer, the backhoe loader can have its buckets removed and replaced with a wide range of accessories to make the machine quite useful around any site. Typically, the backhoe can be used for tasks like:

  • Lifting
  • Breaking rocks
  • Material mixing
  • Cutting and boxing
  • Backfilling
  • Landscaping
  • Farming

Final Thoughts

In the construction business, time is money. The faster a job can be done, the quicker the construction crew can move on to the next project. Using the right earth-moving machinery for each job is the fastest way to create much-needed housing and other important structures.

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