Why Comments Are More Valuable Than Ever on TikTok


People who use their mobile phones and computers always try to find a good source of entertainment quickly. For that, there is the world’s biggest emerging platform popular as Tiktok. TikTok is famous for its short videos, either dramatic or funny, but they are entertaining for people. It covers a lot of people from different communities and societies of different ages. No matter how entertaining the video is and gives the audience amusement, the comments under the videos on TikTok hold great value. Moreover, comments are not only people’s reviews on that particular post but also provide distinct advantages and add deep meaning to the video. In this article, we will discuss why comments on TikTok are the most crucial part.

Supporting Entertaining and Relationship 

Comments are the most robust tool that engages people from two sides of one another. That’s why most users buy TikTok comments just to increase their engagement rate. It connects the thoughts of the content creator and the audience. Comments on TikTok create a connection between a whole community. The TikTok comment part differs from the other comment section available on other apps. Here people are usually good at thinking and supporting the person making the video. The people who spend time on this platform leave a comment on other comments either to show their love or to appreciate or to establish a connection between the digital creator and the spectators. The connection between the people from two different sides maintains a community and makes the video-makers mind come back to the app and give more content.

Increasing Innovation and Partnership

The commenting part on this app proves to be a creative format as people from different areas fill this section with innovative ideas and engage themselves by sharing their life stories relevant to the posted video. This massive sharing of thoughtful ideas encourages the creator to give more meaningful advantages to both sides of people; hence the circle in the community continues. Furthermore, the connection between spectators and content creators is very common, increasing the strength of video making of the creators.

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Providing Advice and Improvement suggestions

Although everyone is doing hard work and gaining followers, they do their best to impress the audience. While some of them buy TikTok likes to improve credibility. But sometimes there are some mistakes, some things the people do not like. So people like to give improvement suggestions to the creators so that they can bring improvement in their videos and work. It does not demotivate the person who is making the video, but from such kind of feedback, people get help to make the content better for the people. That commenting is very important so that people can communicate directly with one another to meet the expectations of the spectators watching the video. Skill development and improvement are very important in the video-making process, and thus this creative commenting proves to be a great part.

Creating Genuine Interaction 

Genuineness is the thing in TikTok that proves to be a major success. The commenting part of the TikTok app is very interesting as it not only engages people from two sides but also shares mindful thoughts within the community. As you look into other commenting parts of different apps, it seems shallow where you cannot find the genuineness of the users either from the creator or the spectator side. When you become active in such types of communities, you not only make useful friendships and also find support for your creativity.

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Supporting Learning and Recognition

Not only do entertainment videos roam around on TikTok, but there are many accounts sharing educational and informational videos. When you post a video, then it’s on the mobiles of every person watching TikTok. Some people have information and knowledge about that particular education, so they could not help themselves by enhancing the information of the people watching the video by giving their side of expertise, and it is very common on TikTok nowadays. Thus this platform helps people to generalize themselves from knowledge related to various topics. This not only gives information to people about general knowledge but also about the world’s current affairs and their country. Many people post a video regarding news about the country’s budget and about different affairs in the world, so from there, people who know about the issue give more knowledge which is very helpful for the person utilizing TikTok and its comment section. Thus the commenting part plays a vital role in enhancing education. 

Motivating Hopeful Attitude and Conversation 

Tiktok in comparison to other platforms, proves to be a less hostile place on its commenting site. The negative part is lesser as compared to other apps available online. The audience watching the videos usually leaves a comment which creates a positive atmosphere for the content creator, and it supports its conscious thoughts. This excellent attitude from the people encourages the person to add more unique colors and light to the for you page of the app and this creates a significant impact on the platform. There is a specific power in the people’s opinions in the form of people, which provides entertainment to both content creators and the audience.

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The world of TikTok is fully energetic, and the section of comments is increasing its benefits day by day, proving how successful this platform has become over the lap of time. They connect people from two sides of the same community and increase the power of creation and the strength of creators to give more entertaining content. Moreover, comments are the people’s feedback in which they share their experience about the particular video and maintain a positive attitude among the people of this community. As TikTok is becoming more famous, it is also educating, entertaining and providing general news of the world to people not only through videos but also from the comment section of the app. People enjoy sharing their suggestions and feel a layer of the relationship between them and those they are watching and liking. So now we know the power and strength of the comments that take part in making the platform more enjoyable.

Author Bio:Urwa-Til-Wusqa is a professional content writer crafting content to boost the game of digital marketing. Using expert SEO practices she can create complex strategies for your social media handles and generate traffic toward your website. Also, she loves to explore and experience new techniques in the world of marketing. Besides, that pencil sketching and cooking are my creative skills.

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