What is the Most Popular Keyboard Size in 2023?

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What is the Most Popular Keyboard Size in 2023?

Keyboards come in a variety of sizes to suit different user needs and preferences. Some of the most common keyboard sizes in 2023 include:

Full Size/104 Key

The full size or 104 key keyboard is still the most popular and widely used keyboard size. These keyboards have all the standard keys including the number pad, arrow keys, function keys, and navigation/media keys.

Full size keyboards offer comfortable spacing and size for most users’ hands. The inclusion of the number pad is convenient for data entry tasks. Full size keyboards take up more desk space but provide a very comprehensive layout.

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Popular full size keyboards in 2023 include options from Logitech, Corsair, Razer, and more.

Tenkeyless/80% Keyboards

Tenkeyless or 80% keyboards have dropped the number pad for a more compact design. They keep the standard QWERTY layout and arrow keys in a smaller form factor.

Tenkeyless keyboards are a popular choice for gamers looking to maximize desk space. They also appeal to minimalists. The compact size makes them easy to transport. However, the lack of a number pad is less convenient for numerical data entry.

Some popular tenkeyless keyboards are from brands like Ducky, Cooler Master, HyperX, and more.

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60% Keyboards

60% keyboards shrink things down further removing the arrow keys and function keys. A 60% keyboard keeps only the essential QWERTY alphabet keys and modifiers.

The ultra compact design frees up desk space for large mouse movements or other gear. The minimalist aesthetics also appeal to many users. However, frequently used keys like arrows, function keys, and navigation clusters require use of a function layer.

The Anne Pro 2 and Ducky One 2 Mini are popular 60% options for minimalists and gamers.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards like the Microsoft Sculpt aim to provide better wrist positioning and a more natural feel. This can help reduce strain for people who spend many hours typing.

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The ortholinear design and curved vertical layout places wrists at a better angle. Split keyboard designs also allow users’ hands to be positioned properly.

While not as popular as standard keyboards, ergonomic options are ideal for productivity-focused users susceptible to repetitive stress injuries.


While niche keyboard sizes like 40% and full ergonomic designs have their fans, standard full size, tenkeyless, and 60% keyboards cover the most common preferences in 2023. Choosing the right keyboard size involves balancing portability, functionality, and user comfort.

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