What are the steps to make your own App icon?


Do you want a unique icon for your Apps? App icons must include fine design, bold colors, and perfect elements that speak for your brand. Designing an App icon is an important task that will affect your business sales and brand identity.

Good app icons are remembered by customers for a long time. They improve business sales and make the apps more recognizable. This blog highlights the meaning of an App icon, its importance, and the process to design an App icon.

Meaning of App icon

Before we discuss the benefits of an App icon and how to make it, we will first look at the definition of the App icon. It is a picture on your phone by which you can open the app. App icons are of different types and have different logos, shapes, and brightness.

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Importance of designing an App icon

App icons are important because of various reasons. Users will gain easy access to the apps through icons. These icons make your apps necessary and give them a unique identity. They make it easy for the users to choose the app and use it.

Steps to make your own Icon

If you want to make your own App icon, follow the below steps:

1. Find a unique symbol

The first step is to find a unique shape or symbol for the apps. You can use the logo of your company or any other shape as your App icon.

2. Simple image

Then you have to find a simple design for your icon. Make the icon as simple as possible for your Apps.

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3. Don’t use words

One of the most important tips while making an App icon is not to include words or the name of your app in the icon.

4. Select bold colors

The next tip is to choose the bold colors for your app icons. Bright colors will look different from the design of your app. The color must define the app’s purpose and theme properly.

5. Test the icons

Testing the app’s icon is necessary to remove the errors. You can test the icons of the apps for various operating systems and choose the best icon that fits your apps.

6. Look at the app icons of your competitors

Another thing to try is to analyze the logo of your competitors. You can try a different idea to create your own app icon that gives a brand identity.

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7. Make it identifiable

Make your app icon recognizable using different shapes, symbols, and colors. The design of the icon must define the theme of your apps.

Final words 

These are some of the most important tips for making your app icon. While making the app icon, you must take care of all the elements from colors to design. Apart from that, you must also use the right tools to design an app icon. If you are facing difficulties in following any of the above steps for creating the best icon, you can also hire a good mobile app development company. The expert app developers there will help you get the best icon that will perfectly fit with your business.

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