The Most Effective Sunscreen For Kids – What the Experts Say

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The Most Effective Sunscreen For Kids

You have many obligations as a parent in the modern era—perhaps more than at any other time. Being a good Mom or Dad is more complex than ever before, and the list of duties includes protecting your children from the sun’s damaging rays. All kids deserve to have fun on sunny days, right? So, it’s incumbent on you to find the most effective sunscreen for kids.

The question would then seem to be, “What do the experts say on the subject?“. Let’s spend a little time examining what those in the know think about the best kids’ sunscreens.

What Does the Most Effective Sunscreen for Kids Look Like?

At the foundation of the job of locating the best product for the job of protecting your kids is the need to find options that are as gentle as can be. Their delicate skin needs protection more than most, and in this case, your best choice is going to have a mineral formula. You see, the most effective sunscreen for kids invariably includes zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as its active ingredient.

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Other things the experts say include the following:

  • You should use an SPF 50 product – Both paediatricians and dermatologists will tell you that the mineral sunscreen you put on your kids should have one of the highest Sun Protection Factor (SPF) levels, which usually means a 50.

Putting this on your child’s skin means it will take 50x longer for it to burn, so long as you reapply it every 2 hours as directed.

  • It should protect against all UV rays – UVB rays get you when the sun’s out, and when it’s not, UVA rays can still damage your skin. As such, you should be sure to get sunscreen that protects against both for your children. You’ll know which products give you this protection and which don’t, as you’ll see ‘Broad Spectrum’ listed on the bottle if it offers it.
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So, if the kid’s sunscreen you’re buying doesn’t have this shown anywhere on the bottle, it’s perhaps time to reconsider your purchase.

  • Hypoallergenic Formulations—You never know what kind of allergies your child might have when new products are applied to their skin. Most children won’t have an issue with something as benign as zinc oxide, but a patch test is still a good idea.

However, if you go for a mineral sunscreen that’s cited to offer a hypoallergenic formula, it’s very, very unlikely to cause a problem – hence, it’s likely the best option.

  • Water-Resistant is Best For Active Kids – Should your child be active like many are, they’re likely to want to go swimming and enjoy all of the fun that goes with it. However, being in water presents certain problems for sunscreen, as it tends to wash right off, requiring immediate reapplication to maintain levels of protection.

As such, water-resistant formulas will be best, as they allow your kids to remain safe for up to 80 minutes while in the water. However, some only offer 40 minutes of protection, so it’s best to apply liberally and check the bottle you’re using for details.

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Choosing the Most Effective Sunscreen for Kids is Childsplay!

Dermatologists represent the experts in the field of skincare and sunscreen, so it’s best to listen to what they have to say. When it comes to finding the best option for your offspring, the advice they give is to go for a broad spectrum, hypoallergenic, mineral sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. Ideally, get a water-resistant sunscreen if they’re into splashing around at the pool.

Of course, it also means buying a quality brand and following the instructions on how to use it to the letter. Do all that, and your child will never have to suffer the misery of sunburn – something that will motivate most parents.

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