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A registered agent serves a vital role in keeping your business compliant with the state. They are responsible for accepting service of process, mail forwarding, and compliance deadline reminders.

The best Texas registered agents have easy-to-use computer systems and knowledgeable customer service representatives. They will answer your questions quickly and help you set up your company.

1. Reputation

A Texas registered agent is the point of contact for a business or entity to receive legal documents (service of process) and other correspondence. The registered agent is required by state law to be available during regular business hours.

For home-based businesses, a professional registered agent service is helpful because it allows you to keep your private address off of state documents and avoid towers of junk mail. A good registered agent service will also provide compliance reminders to help you stay in good standing with the state.

When reviewing registered agents, I looked at their reputation in the community and online. A reliable, trustworthy company with a proven track record was essential. If a company was difficult to work with or had an outdated, cumbersome computer system they went to the bottom of my list. I also looked at their customer service. A fast and friendly response is critical. They also need to be able to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly.

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2. Pricing

A registered agent is required by the state of Texas for all business compliance purposes. It is a convenient way for the state to contact businesses about compliance issues like filing deadlines and franchise taxes.

It is possible for a business to be their own registered agent, but it is better to hire a professional service that has experience handling the job well. The costs for hiring a registered agent vary. It is best to choose a national service that has a good brand name and market presence. It will be cheaper than a local service, but may not provide the same level of detail about the requirements for each state.

ZenBusiness is an example of a national company that has great reviews and competitive pricing. They also have a good customer service team to assist with any issues that might arise. The service also provides privacy, scanned documents with online access and immediate notification of service of process, and compliance alerts to help prevent fines.

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3. Features

In addition to the basic service of receiving legal documents, some Texas registered agents offer premium services like identity theft protection. These services are usually an additional cost on top of the state filing fee.

A good example of a registered agent that offers these services is ZenBusiness, which provides a street address in the state of Texas, mail forwarding, document scanning with online access and immediate notification. They charge an extra $199 a year on top of the state filing fees. If you’re looking for a premium registered agent that offers everything but identity theft protection, Harbor Compliance is another great option that’s priced fairly.

Aside from being a convenience, using a professional registered agent allows businesses to keep their personal information private by keeping their home or business address off of public records. This is especially important for home-based businesses. In addition, they do not have to worry about being available during business hours to receive legal documents in case of a lawsuit.

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4. Customer Service

Having a Texas registered agent to receive legal mail and documents is a requirement for all businesses that operate in the state. It’s also a way to avoid privacy issues and run your business compliantly in the state. While an entity can be its own registered agent, it’s best to use a professional service that specializes in the role.

Companies like ZenBusiness, which costs $199 per year, offer a lot of value for your money. They’ll provide you with a physical address in Texas, routine compliance alerts and online document filing portals. They also have a great refund policy. While they’re not as established as Northwest, they are one of the best options for your registered agent needs. They’re even more affordable if you purchase their services as part of an LLC formation package.

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