Strategies Often Employed by Insurance Adjusters in Accident Cases

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Your insurance company may try to dismiss, undervalue, or otherwise delay your personal injury claim, but your attorney is familiar with their strategies. Consult a personal injury lawyer in Boston, MA, for guidance on possible defenses in the event of unfair treatment by an insurance company. 

Standard Practices of Insurance Adjusters

  • Authorization to Release Medical Records – The insurer’s request to access your medical information may sound reasonable initially, but it is just another tactic against you. The insurance adjuster will have access to all of your medical records, not just those that pertain to the accident. Any medical professional you have ever seen, any disease for which you have sought treatment, and any mental or otherwise illness are all fair game. 
  • Putting in an instantaneous lowball offer – In the immediate aftermath of an accident, insurance adjusters know you may accept any compensation as a blessing in disguise to offer you a lowball settlement. If your medical condition worsens after signing the release, you will not be eligible for any extra compensation. 
  • Setting up a system to monitor you – Your claim could be jeopardized if you were caught undertaking routine maintenance like garbage collection or lawn mowing. Out of context, anyone can look healthy, and that could be used as evidence in a case of insurance fraud against you and 
  • Trying to dissuade you from consulting a lawyer -Insurance adjusters could discourage you from consulting a lawyer. They might treat your injury claim fairly. 
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How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of by Insurance Adjusters?

Understanding the personal injury claims procedure requires knowing your rights and learning as much as possible about it. 

If, on the other hand, your insurance adjuster: 

  • The insurance company either openly rejects your claim or gives you incorrect information regarding coverage. You should review your policy’s original agreement. 
  • Request a written copy of the policy if you cannot locate it. You have the right to deny an adjuster’s request to allow the release of your medical records; if the adjuster insists, you should consult an attorney. 
  • After filing a claim for personal injuries, you will only receive accident-related medical records; you may be under covert surveillance without even realizing it. You should always act as if you are being watched. 
  • Listen to your doctor and do not try to handle everyday duties without help, and if a low settlement is offered, resist the temptation to take it only to get paid quickly. This sum usually will not be enough to pay for everything associated with your injury. 
  • Before entering into negotiations, make sure you have a fair remuneration figure in mind. Do not commit to anything without first discussing it with an attorney. 
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