Strategies and Tools for Successfully Performing Oracle EBS Testing

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Oracle EBS is one of the most used suites among companies, as it helps companies in the various aspects of their operation. EBS suites enable organizations to streamline their critical business processes, such as financial management, human capital management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and more. However, businesses need to perform Oracle EBS testing to make Oracle EBS applications stable and robust. 

However, Oracle EBS testing has its own set of challenges; that’s where one needs Oracle EBS Testing Tools to mitigate the testing challenges. In this blog, we will dive deep into strategies, tools, best practices, and more, aiding in mitigating complexities.

Strategies for Oracle EBS Testing 

Planning and Creating Strategy for Test

To perform successful and effective testing, one must define their goals. It allows you to focus on particular aspects of the Oracle EBS suite, such as performance, security, etc. One also needs to specify the required coverage to use the resource efficiently. Also, consider all the levels of testing and ensure adequate coverage to mitigate risks.

Setting Up Test Environments

Successfully Performing the test requires a testing environment. Create a test environment that mirrors the production environment. One needs to make an environment where the collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams are seamless. A well-maintained environment allows business in the software development process. One can also gather the test data to simulate real-world scenarios.

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Creating Test Cases

The next step is to create a test case. You need to identify the end-to-end test scenarios according to your business process. These scenarios should replicate real-world interaction and system behavior. One can easily create test cases with Oracle EBS Testing Tools like Opkey. However, some tools might demand coding to write test scripts.

Choosing the Right Oracle EBS Testing Tools

Next, choose the best-suited testing tools considering their features. Opkey is a codeless tool that allows businesses to perform Oracle EBS testing effortlessly and is compatible with all Oracle modules.

Automation Tools for Oracle EBS Testing

In the agile software development process, one can imagine leveraging technology. So, Oracle EBS Testing Tools are becoming vital to streamline testing and save time and money. Here are some of the famous tools for Oracle testing, and you can pick them up best on the compatibility of your Oracle EBS modules.


Opkey is a no-code Oracle EBS testing tool that allows businesses to automate Oracle testing in minutes. It helps businesses achieve optimal test coverage with the simple drag and drop in the interface. Opkey is easy to use and incorporates the latest technologies, offering self-healing test case properties. It has thousands-plus pre-built test cases that fasten the testing process and also contribute towards coverage.

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It is one the most popular Oracle EBS Testing Tools in the market, as it is open-source and easy to use. A large number of people are using this, creating a large number of communities. However, it only supports browser-based applications, and you need to code to create a test case. Since it is open source, you don’t get enough support when facing technical issues.


It is the testing tool offered by Oracle itself, and it has become an obvious choice for many businesses to automate Oracle testing. OATS is compatible with all Oracle modules but has some limitations, too, like it only allows you to automate Oracle or web-based products. With OATS, you might require additional tools to perform end-to-end testing. 


It is also known as QTP and is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. It enables testing for technical and non-technical professionals to use these tools. 

Challenges in Oracle EBS Testing

Automation of Oracle testing is not easy, as Oracle releases quarterly updates; here are some of the challenges that businesses can face during automation.

  • Creating the test case environment where the development team, tester, and other key members can collaborate easily.
  • Data management is another challenge, as Oracle applications heavily rely on complex and large databases.
  • Generally, Oracle applications are integrated with third-party applications to cater to daily operational needs. Data flow can be hindered during automation, so companies need to validate it.
  • Automating the Oracle testing required significant skill to use tools and understand the technologies. Organizations can face difficulties in finding the right professionals.
  • Oracle uses a dynamic user interface, and changes in UI can lead to failure in automation.
  • Every organization has different needs, so they need to customize Oracle applications. It adds to the complexity of the automation process.
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The Bottom Line!

Oracle applications are widely used due to their features and wide range of benefits. Testing is essential to validate its functionality, and Oracle EBS Testing Tools streamline testing by automating it. However, automation testing brings its own set of challenges, and you can cater for them with the right strategy.

Opkey is a codeless tool built explicitly for Oracle, helping businesses automate test cases with a single click. It enables businesses to create test scripts in minutes and offers thousands of pre-built test scripts to automate Oracle testing. Visit the website of Opkey and streamline Oracle Testing today!

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