Sonic Player Moves and Attacks in World of Warcraft


Sonic is a blue, spike-tailed hedgehog who lives on the fictional planet of Earth. He battles his nemesis Doctor Eggman, who attempts to conquer the world using his machines.

He is often joined by his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Their abilities provide unique ways to traverse the levels and fight Robotnik. Visit to check Sonic Player.

Homing Attack

Homing Attack is a move that allows Sonic to lock onto opponents in the air, causing damage when it hits. It also allows him to slightly ascend, allowing players to reach higher areas of the stage faster.

To perform the Homing Attack, simply approach an enemy or spring and press X (or B on Xbox) while in mid-air. It’s an incredibly useful ability for taking down enemies and reaching high ledges and platforms that would otherwise be inaccessible. This technique is particularly popular amongst speedrunners, as it lets them skip a whole section of a Cyber Space stage by homing into the Sandbag early on.

Spring Jump

Using this move causes a spring from the Sonic series to immediately appear below the Player, propelling them upwards. It can be used to get above platforms or other obstacles. This can also be used to reach certain areas of the stage without having to go up a ramp.

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Note that this only works in S3K and CD, not in Sonic 1 (due to the drop dash not working as intended). It also does not work on a spike ball or the platform breaking in the spring yard boss fight.

Springs in sonic 2 and 3 have a slightly different collision height array. They will only activate if the Player touches them with their X Position > the top of the spring, or if their X Position is above the bottom.

Back Aerial

Sonic’s back air is a powerful attack that can lead to combos when it hits. It has good knockback growth, great range and can catch opponents off-stage. It is also one of the best attacks for edge guarding in the game. However, like WOLF’s back aerial it can be easily countered with RAR and suffers long end lag when it whiffs.

Tilting the control stick downwards and pressing the A button will have Boom Sonic perform a leg sweep similar to main series down tilt. It hits twice, has a decent amount of start up lag and can be angled making it great for spacing and starting tech-chases.

Forward Aerial

A forward aerial (also referred to as F air or AttackAirF) is an air attack performed by tilting the control stick toward your character’s front. In Melee and Brawl, the forward aerial was considered one of the best attacks in the game due to its high damage output, large lingering hitbox, and great KO potential.

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The nerf to this attack in Ultimate was notable, as it now has a lot more startup and end lag. This makes it a less reliable attack and no longer safe to use after landing or against shields.

Up Aerial

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy each hold a Memory Token to free their friends from their Cyber Space prisons. Once they are freed, each character gains a new Skill that allows them to do more damage in combat or while hovering between the real world and Cyber Space.

Sonic’s up aerial has a lot of range and is the fastest up attack in the game. It combos into itself very well and can be repeated as it hits. It also grants him head intangibility and Belly Super Armor. It has punishable ending lag but its lingering hitboxes can make it useful for edgeguarding opponents on ledges.

Down Throw

With fast start up and a long range, Sonic’s down throw has low end lag making it an excellent combo starter. It also possesses good knockback and can KO at high percents.

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Its fast startup can also make it an effective jab attack for close range. This move also crosses up shields, making it useful for whiff punishes from a jump or other attacks.

Despite its good combo potential, some down throws have too much ending lag to be a viable KO option at realistic percentages (such as Toon Link’s and Zero Suit Samus’s in Melee or Brawl), although this was partially corrected for Ultimate by making the damage of these moves weight dependent.

Edge Attack

The Edge Attack is a move that allows the character to climb back onto the stage while attacking any opponents close by. It can also be used in place of a ledge jump, opening up new recovery and attack options (e.g. Captain Falcon’s up aerial after letting go of the edge).

In Melee, Brawl and Ultimate, the character’s Edge Attack will change if they have more than 100% damage; Zero Suit Samus, for example, performs a low-angled Arm Cannon kick when she hits over 100%. This move has the added bonus of invincibility frames when hit.

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