Scaffolding Explained: Safety Tips about Scaffolding

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What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a type of temporary structure that is built with metal and wood etc to provide support for workers at a construction site. It is also known as staging.

It serves as a platform for people to stand while working at heights or structures that are difficult to reach. It is mostly used to support workers who have to work on heights.

The use of scaffolding in construction is not a new concept. However, with the advances in the field of construction, many types of scaffolding have evolved. They are available in different sizes, materials, and types according to the requirements of the construction site and structure.

Safety Tips for Scaffolding

When a worker is doing work at heights, there is more risk and danger involved as compared to working on the ground. Moreover, working on temporary structures like scaffolding also involves safety hazards and dangers that should not be ignored.

We have gathered a list of useful tips for people who belong to the field of construction and have to work on heights or on temporary structures.

1.     Use of Proper Equipment

The first and most important tip to remain safe while working at scaffolding is that you should always use proper safety equipment to avoid and prevent accidents and safety hazards.

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PPE is required to work at such places. PPE is the acronym for Personal Protective Equipment. This is a must to keep you safe while working in risky places. For example, a hard helmet should be a part of your PPE while working on scaffoldings in Norwich.

2.     Always Consider Weight Limits

Scaffolding is a temporary structure and it is built to bear a certain limit of load or weight. This fact should never be ignored while working at such structures. Workers bearing or carrying more weight than suggested could result in serious safety hazards, risks, and accidents.

Loading more weight than suggested could result in breakage, cracking, or collapsing of the entire structure.

3.     Follows Rules and Regulations

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations to consider while doing construction work. Moreover, scaffolding rules are also different from one area to the other. Therefore, it is recommended that you should always keep in view the laws defining rules for making scaffolding structures in order to prevent issues and problems. If you abide by the scaffolding or construction laws of the specific area, then it can become helpful for you in case of some accident or hazard. Moreover, you should make sure that the workers are fully acknowledged of the construction laws of the specific area.

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4.     Check the Material Properly

It is important that you check the material properly before making a work platform. Make sure that you use quality materials and related elements. None of the material should be damaged or defective as this could result in serious accidents or hazards etc.

Try to outsource all the material and parts of the working platform or scaffolding from the same manufacturer. Moreover, you should be sure that the material you are going to use is able to perform accordingly.

5.     Follow Build Instructions Properly

It is very important that you follow the building instructions properly while making the scaffolding. You should follow the design and build instructions by the manufacturer in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Do not try to build your own design or work your own way.

Moreover, you should make sure that the ground is leveled properly before building the structure on it. Also, keep in mind to build the working platform away from the electricity lines.

Always hire a proficient person to supervise while building the scaffolding or even while dismantling it.

6.     Keep Away Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

In the place where you construct the scaffold, there should not be any vehicles or heavy machinery near the area. There may be a requirement for heavy equipment near that area. In that case, make sure that it does not hinder the area where the scaffolding stands.

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7.     Keep the Weather in Mind

Harsh weather is a type of environmental hazard that should be kept in mind while working at heights. This is also a part of making the conditions safe while working.  

For example, if there is windy weather, then it could be very risky for the scaffold and it can cause injuries to the people working on the scaffold at heights.

8.     Get the License

Make sure that you first get the license to work in such conditions. Also make sure that the manufacturers, contractors, and labor you choose are also insured and licensed by the concerned departments in order to avoid legal issues.

Moreover, working with licensed people means most of them will be aware of the hazards and the corresponding safety tips.

Summing Up

Though scaffolding is a temporary structure it is very helpful when you have to work at heights. However, the above-mentioned safety tips should be kept in mind in order to avoid accidental hazards and serious injuries, etc. 

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