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One of the best lessons from my dad was, “When you start looking for a house, it’s crucial to choose the right property.” A house is everything; it’s more like safety and security for your whole family, and I still act on it. When I came to Chennai, I was desperately searching for a new home to settle in, and getting a place near Thirumazhisai was impossible and expensive. That’s when I came across Purva Raagam, a classy place with excellent amenities for me and my family.

Moving to a new city isn’t all excitement and fun because you need to look at hundreds of things like where you’ll work, shop, and most importantly, where you’ll live. As I work for a software company I’ve got to work from home so it doesn’t matter which city I move to, I can work without any hassle. The investment was affordable, and paying ₹20.58 Lacs for a fantastic home in an apartment was a good deal.

How did I discover Purva Raagam?

Choosing a convenient apartment is a hectic task, and apart from everything, I was happy about getting a place with so many amenities.  When I first saw it online, I was a bit confused about whether I should take it, and that’s when I called up my family for assurance. I showed them some pictures, and they liked the place. I hoped my family would like the site, and they did.

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It was convenient and close to Sundaram Government Higher Secondary School, which is where I was going to admit my sister for her further studies. The place Vellavedu, Thirumazhisai, was my only option, and I was surprised by the services I’d be getting in the apartment. When my family gave a green signal, I started the process. I was unsure whether they’d like the new home, but the amenities made up for it.

What made me go for  Purva Raagam over other options?

I am fond of beautiful places. When I saw the area, it was perfect because it was surrounded by greenery, and one of the most important elements was having a school around it. Purva Raagam fulfilled that requirement, which made me go for it. The 1, undefined BHK with Bike and Car Parking apartment building was constructed by Puravankara Limited with  31 acres Project Area; apart from that, I was also going to get Gated Security. My family is a bit picky about things, and when it came to getting a new home, I had to do a lot of research to get a place they’d like.

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For early mornings and late-night walks, there was a beautiful park that embraced the place you could go for long walks, and it was perfect for early morning or late evening strolls. As the apartment wasn’t complete yet, there were a lot of elements that needed to be checked before proceeding to the place.

How Purva Raagam was the perfect place for me?

1. For the price and convenience

The first thing I noticed and was surprised about was the price of the place. The place was offered with a price of ₹20.58 Lacs to ₹1.28 Crores, and a place like this in Chennai near  Sundaram Government Higher Secondary School, Vellavedu, Thirumazhisai was a

From the start, I wanted a home with a beautiful view where, when I wake up, I get to see greenery around me. There was open space and empty roads that were exquisite, and the fresh air was cherry on top.

2. The place was near Sundaram Government Higher Secondary School

An excellent place close to your essentials is a good choice, and by booking up in Purva Raagam, I got a good deal. If we talk more about the location, you get  Access To TIDEL IT Park and Poonamallee High Road Near TN Satellite Township.

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3. Close to me daily essentials

The place was enough, the services were good, and I couldn’t find a reason to say no to such a fantastic property. First, you get a flat under 50 lakhs, and its well-planned layout makes the design more beautiful.  The location was perfect for me and my family. The shops and all the essential facilities were nearby. The gated security and all the provided services made the place an adequate choice.

4. Location and builder

Finding a place close to a secondary school was critical, but  Purva Raagam was my saviour. The Purva Raagam is situated in a beautiful neighbourhood of Thirumazhisai. The area was an ideal place to shift in Chennai because of its excellent connectivity and vicinity. It is well-connected and close to various public amenities and public transportation.

I was desperately searching for a home in  Chennai, and now that I have a place in Purva Raagam, I’m feeling very happy and satisfied! When searching for properties in Chennai, NoBroker’s verified property listings helped me immensely! I would highly recommend visiting Nobroker.in before heading out to check every project site.

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