Pet Cleanup Tools


Pets are great companions, but their hair often catches on rugs and furniture. Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools out there that are particularly effective at removing pet hair from surfaces, floors, upholstery and clothing.

During the spring and fall shedding seasons, it’s important to have pet cleanup tools on hand. These include a variety of vacuums, brooms and brushes.

Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

If you’re looking for a durable pooper scooper that works on a variety of surfaces, this set from Petmate is the perfect choice. It has a large bin and a versatile rake that can handle everything from grass to dirt.

The swivel bin rotates for easy pickup and release, making disposal a breeze. It also comes with two strong easy-tie plastic bags with naturally activated baking soda odor control that hook to either side of the swivel bin.

It’s easy to clean and has a rust-proof metal body. It’s also long enough to reach your dog’s poop without needing to bend over or stoop, which is a big deal when it’s time to pick up more than a few deposits.

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E-Z Dootie Rake

The E-Z Dootie Rake is a slick looking tool that will make light work of your pet’s waste. It is designed with comfort in mind and is made from a high grade aluminum that is both lightweight and durable. It also has a number of features that aren’t included in other pooper scoopers.

It even comes with an EZ Clip for storage when not in use. Besides being the best poop scooper on the market, the E-Z Dootie Rake has some of the best ergonomics in the business. This rake is a must have for any dog owner that wants to get the job done right the first time around. It will help you save time, energy, and money, as well as ensuring your dog is as happy as possible while the cleanup is in process.

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Rake & Pan Set

The Rake & Pan Set is the sanitary and fun way to scoop up your pup’s outdoor poop. Designed for multiple uses, this dog scooper is made of heavy duty zinc plated steel with aluminum handles and is easy to clean up after use. It also features a telescoping handle that extends from 29 to 44 inches for the perfect fit. The patented dog poop scoop has a large capacity, swivel bin to accommodate larger messes and the best part is that it’s simple to empty and store once the job is done! The rake & pan set is sure to be a hit with pets and their humans alike.

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Pick It Up Mitt

The Pick It Up Mitt is a simple yet ingenious tool that removes pet hair from clothing, furniture and other surfaces. The mitt fits over your hand and helps you easily and quickly wipe a spot clean, making cleaning easier than ever. It’s also designed to pick up lint, fur and dander that you can’t get with your hands. The side has a thumb slit to help you more effectively handle and pick up hair that is otherwise difficult to remove.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to consider the Silk Exfoliating Mitt. It’s made from 100% woven silk viscose and works to slough away dead skin cells for seriously soft and smooth results. It’s also infused with charcoal to draw out impurities and dirt, as well as a hint of shea butter for added moisture. It’s gentle enough for daily use, needs to be replaced every 30 days and costs about $20.

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