How Technology is Transforming the Share Bazaar today

Oliver Jay

The share bazar we see today was much different operationally. The trading philosophy will essentially be the same in the share bazar. However, unlike today, where you can operate everything from your phone or laptop, earlier you would have needed to rely on a broker or be present physically to trade.

Technology has made transactions in the share market happen faster. Earlier, the settlement was T+2 days, and now it is T+0 days. Essentially, this means that the delay in the settlement of your transaction is now next to nothing.

Technology is the cobblestone of all innovation. With infinite human potential, it holds the key to bringing vision into reality. Similarly, technology makes trading in the share bazar easy. There are multiple portals and organisations offering a tech platform to own, manage, and transact in the share bazaar. Even the registration process is now completely online, more secure, and so seamless. The entire process is also paperless in nature. You do not need to go anywhere physically, nor do you require an agent or somebody to help you open an account.

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Your demat account for the share bazaar can be opened in 2-3 days at minimum. This demat account holds all your shares in a paperless format with your specific account attached to it. Similarly, this demat will also hold your mutual fund portfolio, bonds, and other investments in a dematerialised form except for FDs, PPF, and some other instruments.

The technology in share bazar has made keeping track of investments easy. Even filing for taxes and all such things are now faster. Investors can download reports related to their accounts through the application and share it with their CAs or advisors easily.

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The share bazaar applications are feature-rich in nature. From helping you track your investments, showing the live profit or loss, minute movements in the indices, charts, and number of transactions happening for buy and sell, to even providing basic information about the companies that you are investing in. These applications can be further integrated with various tools to provide you with more information on what you need to know.

Since traders find it difficult to be profitable, many platforms believe in the power of investor education. They will have their periodical reports, online lecture series, and commentary on the state of the market and the industry to make you aware and help improve your decision-making capability.

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AI in trading:

While this may sound like a dream to many investors, AI here may not help share bazar traders trade better. But it will make the applications more utilitarian. It will help investors like you trade intuitively.

It will make keeping track of the transactions better. It will help in ensuring more clarity with the traders and the regulators. AI in trading will ensure efficient operations in the share bazar.

Technology innovations will help traders in the market trade better. The point is to allow people to trade better. Such trust will also attract new investors to participate in the share bazaar. 

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