101+ Funny, Hurt, Hard Don’t Ignore Me Love Quotes and Sayings

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Here are some Funny hurt and mix love ignoring quotes in English + Hindi to match your mood.

Ignore love quotes and sayings

Are you ignored or want to ignore someone else? Your search comes to an end because I have quoted some amazing Ignore Quotes for you. 

Ignorance feels annoying sometimes but sometimes it’s relaxing too. 

I have brought the modern version of ignore quotes with putting efforts to cover wide range of feelings in each quote.

Best Ignore Quotes 2023 in Hindi 

उनसे ही तो सीखा था नज़र अंदाज करना और उन्हीं पर आज़माया तो बुरा मान गए ।

तुम्हारी मौजूदगी ,तुम्हारा मुझे यूं नजरअंदाज करना,                मेरा यूं तुम्हारा रोज़ इंतजार करना, माना इश्क़, मोहब्बत तुम्हे नहीं मुझसे फिर भी अच्छा लगता है मुझे तुम्हारे साथ वक्त बिताना।

बदल जाते हैं वो लोग वक़्त की तरह जिन्हें हद से ज्यादा वक़्त दिया जाता है। Teरी नजर अंदाजी पर इक तमाचा हम भी मारेंगे होंगे जिस दिन हम खफा ये बात तुम्हें तब समझायेंगे। 

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Don’t Ignore Me Quotes in English 

You have the choice to choose your actions and thereby their reactions. 

Ignorance can complicate so many simple things. 

Ignore people opinions and focus on your happiness. 

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Ignore the love that is not for you. 

Ignorance can you back too. 

It’s always better to vacate the space where you are being ignored. 

Bad things can be ignored but not removed and Good things can be removed but can never be ignored. 

The people who stay in the heart can’t be ignored. 

Where there is ignorance, there cannot be love. 

I also try to ignore you, but my heart cannot. 

Its hurts when you ignore me. But it hurts me more when I ignore you.

Ignore Attitude Quotes for Him

People who cannot afford you, often ignore you. 

You are precious, their ignorance doesn’t matter. 

People usually ignore the things they cannot afford.

Ignorance is a symbol of non-interest.

You can ignore a person but not his best. You can ignore a face, but not his heart. 

Ignorance of important things leads to self-destruction. 

To forget and to ignore are the same act but not in the same way. 

Ignore Love Quotes and Sayings 

You are not ignored when you learn to ignore. 

Ignore the negative vibes and catch the positive ones. 

Some give love and some give ignorance. It’s all a matter of what they can afford. 

What we give people shows what we have. 

Never ignore the ones who stood for you when no one did. 

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Ignorance slowly eats the beautiful relations like termites. 

It’s better to say goodbye than to ignore. 

What you ignore rarely comes to you with the intensity that it used to be. 

What is meant for you, will come to you, no matter how much you ignore it. 

Ignorance is the synonym of ego. 

I don’t know why your ignorance kills me. Maybe I have loved you so much.Maybe I have been in you so much.Maybe I cared so much.Or maybe you never loved me that much.

Self-destruction begins with ignorance. 

Ignoring fools is the best possible way to be not one of them.

Ignoring the valuable things will make you stand alone in this life. 

People Ignore You Quotes

Never disturb the one again who ignored you for no reason. 

I was so dumb to love you. And you were so mean to ignore me.

Never ignore your feelings. 

Ignorance will neither give you happiness nor the ignored one. 

Just don’t care about those who ignore you. Care for those who keep on ignoring others only for you. 

The art of learning is to learn what to ignore and when to ignore. 

Ignore me once and you will not find me again. 

When you are avoided and ignored by someone, never disturb them again. 

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You cannot ignore the things that give you happiness because no matter what your heart will drag you there. 

Friends Ignore Quotes and Sayings

Sometimes people don’t realise the things that we do for them until we stop doing them. 

Stay for the things that stay for you. Ignore the things that ignore you. 

Tit for tat is when you ignore with the same intensity with which you were ignored. 

Stand for your self-worth. And never go to the same place where you were ignored. 

Ignorance is a quiet version of disrespect. 

Never feel bad when ignored. Feel happy for you also got a chance to ignore. 

Ignore all the things that drag you down. And hold the things that don’t weigh you down. 

If ignored once, disrespected for life. 

You cannot change the person who ignores you, but you can change the place where you stand and where you should stand. 

The biggest form of disrespect is to get ignored. 


These were some Best Ignore Quotes you will find here. I hope you loved and liked them.

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