Finding Your Ideal Fit: King or California King Mattress?

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Sleep Junkie’s business strategy comes from Harrison Wall, an expert on the subject. He writes about bedding and mattress accessories. Harrison regularly works with new mattress firms to find out what helps you sleep better and wake up brighter.

Uncover the answer to the age-old query, “What is the difference between a king and a Cal king mattress,” and experience the utmost sleep happiness. Join us as we take you on a journey where comfort and customization collide.

We’ll walk you through the available dimensions, space concerns, and possibilities. This fascinating journey will guarantee you make the royal decision that properly suits your sleep kingdom, whether you seek expansive vistas or a cozy haven. Are you prepared to find the secret to a magnificent nap?

The Difference Between a King and a California King Mattress

Choosing a King or Cal King is typically driven by the need for extra space. Individuals or couples can spread out and get some quality shut-eye. There’s enough space to share the bed with your kids and a pet.

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Both beds are spacious and provide nearly comparable total sleeping surfaces, although their dimensions differ.

Sleep Harrison Wall summarises the differences between the two types of king beds this way: “Your California King looks more like a rectangular; your conventional King is structured more like a square.” Two Twin beds can be assembled to approximate the size of a normal King bed’s 76 by 80-inch dimensions (6,080 square inches). A Cal King is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, or 6,048 square inches.

The California King sacrifices 4 inches in width. However, four inches of height are added when sleeping. If you or your partner are above 6’2″, the extra length of a California King bed may be just what you need. It’s also an excellent option if your dog or cat like to sleep at the foot of the bed (or if you’d like them to) and you don’t want to disturb them when they’re trying to get some shut-eye.

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King Mattress:

The king mattress is perfect for those who prefer to spread out or roam around while they sleep. Side-sleeping couples benefit greatly from king mattresses. A king bed has extra room for dogs or small children who like to sleep in your bed with your significant other at night.


  • The Cal king is four inches wider than that.
  • space to expand out more.
  • California kings are more expensive than kings.
  • Bedding has lower prices.


  • Insufficient length for individuals over 6’4″ tall.
  • It might not fit in smaller bedrooms.
  • Greater price than a queen.
  • Shorter than a Cal king by four inches.
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Cal King Mattress

The California king mattress is the most comfortable option for those who are over six feet tall and for couples. The additional four inches will make a significant impact for those who require more space for their legs. A California king bed will fit more easily than a traditional king bed in a bedroom that is on the smaller side.


  • The King Is Four Inches Longer.
  • People Over 6’4″ Should Have More Length.
  • Compared to A King, It Might Fit Better In A Smaller Room.
  • Maybe Easier to Fit Through Doors.


  • The width was four inches less than a king’s.
  • Usually more expensive than a king.
  • Bedding costs more.
  • Possibly too big for smaller bedrooms.
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