Does William Shatner Wear a Hairpiece

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The debate over William Shatner’s hair has long persisted among Star Trek fans. Does the actor who played Captain James T. Kirk wear a hairpiece to preserve his famous “I’m giving her all she’s got Captain!” do? Let’s examine the evidence.

Hairpieces for Men

In Hollywood, hair transplants and hairpieces are not uncommon for aging actors who want to maintain a youthful image. As men age, their hair begins to recede and thin, a source of distress for many. Fortunately, modern technology has made hairpieces and other hair solutions quite convincing. However, not all men choose to get work done. Some proudly embrace their changing hairlines.

William Shatner’s Receding Hairline

William Shatner is now 90 years old, and photos of him from the 1960s when Star Trek first began show a full head of hair. However, as the decades have passed, it is obvious Shatner’s hairline has receded. Photos from the 1980s and 1990s show him with a thinning crown and widow’s peak – two signs of male pattern baldness. But Shatner’s hair has never appeared to thin completely. His hairline seems to have remained stabilized. This has led many to speculate that he may wear some sort of hair system.


The Evidence in Favor of a Hairpiece

Several pieces of evidence lend credibility to the theory that William Shatner wears a hairpiece:

His hair has never thinned considerably despite his advancing age. Many men are completely bald by 70 or 80, yet Shatner’s hair has just receded.

The texture of Shatner’s hair appears too thick and lush for a man his age. It resembles the hair he had in his younger years.

On occasion, Shatner’s hair has come loose during public appearances, revealing what appears to be thinning hair underneath. This suggests he may wear a removable hair system.

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The Evidence Against a Hairpiece

However, not everyone believes William Shatner wears a hairpiece. Several counterarguments exist:

Shatner has never publicly indicated he wears hairpieces or had hair transplants. He seems content with his receding hairline and has embraced it.

The consistency and style of Shatner’s hair has never changed dramatically over the decades. If he did wear a hairpiece, one would expect changes in fashion over time.

Photos exist of Shatner swimming and with his hair wet. In these shots, his hair appears natural and thin, not like a hairpiece.

The Verdict

Ultimately, we will likely never know for certain if William Shatner wears a hairpiece. Many aging celebrities choose to keep their hair solutions private for good reason. However, given the current state of Shatner’s hair at 90 years old, combined with evidence of possible hairpieces slipping at times, it seems plausible that he incorporates some kind of hair system to maintain the recognizable Captain Kirk coiffure that fans love. But it’s also possible Shatner’s hair is completely natural through a combination of genetics and careful hair maintenance. Either way, few can deny William Shatner has one of the most iconic hairstyles in television history.

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In conclusion, hairpieces and hair systems, when done well, can help men preserve their confidence and self-image as they age. But for men like William Shatner who can proudly own their natural hairlines, it shows a sign of confidence and wisdom that comes with time. Regardless of what solution works best for an individual man, what’s most important is feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.

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