Discover The Top Chinese Restaurants In Guwahati: Relish Your Chopsticks Skills

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Food has an incredible power to take you to different cultures, create memories, and satisfy your cravings like nothing else can. If you enjoy the delicious taste of Schezwan dishes with their rich aromas, or if you’re a fan of the gentle flavours of dim sum, then Guwahati has something special for you. You get to experience a wide variety of the best Chinese in Guwahati who want to have the most amazing Chinese food experiences.

Therefore, we have gone around and discovered the top Chinese restaurants in Guwahati, both casual and fine dining. No matter what your food preferences are, these spots will surely give you a solid repertoire for what you are craving. 

Here Is The List Of The Top 5 Restaurants To Relish The Best Chinese In Guwahati

  • John’s Kitchen

John’s Kitchen is a food joint that hardly needs an introduction. It’s situated in the bustling GS Road area in ABC, and from the very beginning, they’ve kept up their great quality. Even though the place is small, its menu shows off delicious soups and sauces, tasty dumplings, big portions of fried rice, and crunchy stir-fried noodles. When you go there, make sure to taste their most popular dishes – Chicken Fried Dumplings, Pork Noodle Soup, Mixed Sichuan Style Noodles, Fung Chang Potato, and Prawn with Vegetables.

  • Chinese Hut

Chinese Hut is a favourite among college students. It’s divided into two parts with two different entrances and inside. The design is quite simple and not too bright. Their menu has almost every kind of dish from the region, like Rice Noodles, Hong Kong Chicken, Pork with Black Bean, Hunan Chicken, Fried Wontons, Prawn Schezwan Sticks, and many other things. We suggest you taste their Special Pork Dumplings that come with a light chicken soup and a really spicy red chili dip, and also the Chinese Chicken Roast. Surely they are worth a try!

  • Confucius
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If you are looking for authentic and best Chinese in Guwahati, Confucius restaurant is a go-to place. It’s named after an important Chinese thinker and has taken a lot of inspiration from Chinese culture, even in the logo and its ambience. You’ll see lovely pictures of Confucius, hanging lamps that look like red lanterns, and a Green Dragon on the wall with curtains made of bamboo, which gives the place a touch of ancient times, like during the Shang Dynasty. The most-recommended dishes are Su-Mi Soup, Classic Dragon Roll, Honey Glazed Crispy Chicken, Roast Lamb Peking Style, Mongolian Style Prawn, Shanghai Noodles, and Pineapple Fried Rice. You will find every dish is so delicious!

  • Mamagoto 

Mamagoto is a place for those who are looking for great Asian food. It’s decorated in a colourful and fancy way, with cool drawings on the walls. When you’re there, you must try their Dimsum Platter, Jeng’s Pork, Traditional Crispy Lamb, Stir-Fry Udon Noodles, Smoky BBQ Pork Belly Rice Bowl, and Three Pepper Bomb – they all taste really good! And don’t forget about dessert as they have Home-made Coconut and Palm Sugar Ice Cream. It’s just as yummy as the main dishes!

  • Red Hot Chili Pepper
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Red Hot Chilli Pepper is a stylish place with wooden panels, comfortable seats, colourful decorations, and soft lighting. The menu is good for vegetarians and has a lot of choices. Their menu includes Pan Fried Chilli Tofu, Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce, Exotic Vegetables Hunan Style, and Stuffed Mushroom Garlic Pepper. If you’re not a vegetarian, you can enjoy things like Roasted Duck in Schezwan Sauce, Tasty Pork Ribs, Prawn Fried Rice, and Konjee Chicken. For dessert, try their special Darsaan. And if you like cocktails, they have strong and tasty ones that you’ll definitely enjoy!

A Quick Guide To The Best Chinese In Guwahati 

Guwahati is a vibrant city in Assam that promises a delightful journey for your taste buds. The authentic and delicious Chinese food in Guwahati is a blend of unique flavours and diverse ingredients that make it a heaven for food enthusiasts.

  • Taste: 

When it comes to the best Chinese in Guwahati, it offers something unique and different. Assamese cuisine takes a distinct approach by incorporating fermented fruits and vegetables, which add a tangy twist to many dishes. Additionally, you might notice a restraint in the use of certain spices, allowing the true essence of the ingredients to become centre stage. If you like trying new things, you’re in for a treat; as you explore the amazing and distinct flavours that might be new to your palate.

  • Kinds of Food: 

When you look at the best Chinese in Guwahati, both people who like veggies and those who enjoy meat can be happy. They have lots of fresh Chinese foods for great veggie dishes, but Assamese people really like their meat. You can find pork, fish, duck, and even silkworm dishes here.

  • Where to Eat:
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To truly dive into the authentic and best Chinese in Guwahati, exploring the bustling markets is a must. Guwahati’s streets come alive with the aroma of delectable treats being prepared on carts and bicycles, particularly in the vibrant market areas. It’s an immersive experience that not only offers delicious bites but also a glimpse of Chinese spices in India. 

  • Don’t Miss: 

From the famous Spring rolls to the Chinese Hot pot, there are varieties of the best Chinese in Guwahati that you must try to experience.

Summing Up!

Right in the middle of Guwahati, where traditional food mixes with contemporary choices, there’s an exciting food journey waiting for you. The best Chinese in Guwahati options offer a doorway to a world of delicious tastes, different textures, and amazing moments. Whether you want the cosy feeling of dishes you know or the excitement of new flavours, Guwahati’s Chinese food scene guarantees to make your taste buds and your heart feel something special that’s hard to put into words. 

Order the best Chinese food in Guwahati through Swiggy or dine in at the restaurants mentioned above to find a treat to your cravings. 

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