Different Boxes Used for Shipping Packages

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There are a lot of different types of boxes to choose from. These can range from rectangular and cube-shaped boxes to elongated forms and sizes for specific applications. There are also many other materials to use for these boxes. Some of the most popular are corrugated and cardboard.

1. Corrugated

Corrugated boxes are sturdy and lightweight, making them a good choice for shipping products. They also come with tabbed closures that don’t require packing tape. They might also have the logo of the business printed on them, which would increase consumer loyalty and brand identification. 

Corrugated boards can be coated with aqueous or UV coatings to protect them from moisture and scratches. These coatings can also add color or texture to the box. A corrugated board’s ECT (edge crush test) depends on its flute profile. The higher the ECT, the stronger the box.

2. Cardboard

Cardboard is a common material for custom shipping boxes and can be customized in many ways. It is also durable, lightweight and offers plenty of protection for products. Individuals, small businesses and massive industrial corporations alike use cardboard boxes. 

They are a staple of eCommerce shipping and can be used for everything from electronics to fashion apparel. Boxes are available in various shapes and sizes, from traditional rectangular styles to elongated shapes for specialized purposes. Some are even constructed from honeycomb cardboard, which is more dense than standard paperboard.

3. Paperboard

Paper and paperboard are versatile packaging materials that can be printed with logos, images, and instructions. They are also durable and water-resistant. One of the most popular types of paperboard is chipboard, which gives set-up boxes a rigid structure and can be foil-stamped and finished in various ways. 

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It is made with a combination of mechanical and bleached chemical pulp, which creates high stiffness and printability. It can be colored using dyes or coated with white mineral pigment coating. It has a high ECT test rating and can be used for packaging foods.

4. Kraft

Kraft boxes are made of brown paper stock with a natural, uncoated texture. They are ideal for promoting brands and highlighting logos or artwork. They also support various printing techniques, including lithography and digital printing. They can also be made with a custom cutout, which allows you to highlight a pattern or element that’s part of your brand identity. It makes the box more memorable and helps your customers remember your brand. It is important for e-commerce brands.

5. Plastic

Boxes are a crucial element of the packaging process. They provide protection and add a professional look to shipments of products. They come in many different shapes, sizes and strengths.

Corrugated boxes are a popular choice because they are lightweight and sturdy. They also feature multiple fluting layers sandwiched between flat liners. This design provides structural stability and helps protect products from damage. Folding cartons are a type of paperboard carton that is used as primary retail packaging. They are easy to open and close. They may have a company logo or other text written on them.

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6. Rigid

Rigid boxes offer a unique combination of eye-catching branding options and durable product protection. They also provide a high perceived value for your product. This box type can withstand extreme humidity, wetness, and drastic temperature changes. Chipboard is a common choice for rigid packaging. 

It has different finishes and can be embellished with foil or glitter. Consumers are drawn to products in luxury packaging. They often repurpose these boxes for other purposes in their homes and offices. Use rigid boxes from a Forest Stewardship Council-certified company to increase your brand’s credibility.

7. Collapsible

Collapsible boxes are an excellent option for shipping products. They are sturdy and can be customized in many different ways. They are also an affordable choice that reflects the quality of your product. These boxes are designed with specific outcomes and provide optimum protection during transit. They can also help reduce shipping and delivery costs by providing less packaging material to protect the items inside.

8. Shoulder

Shoulder boxes are unique in conveying a brand’s message and promoting packaged products. They feature raised fonts printed with PMS or CMYK color combinations to grab customers’ attention and attract potential buyers. They are great for packaging gifts, USBs, jewelry, watches, perfume and souvenirs. 

They also provide incredible protection for fragile items. Unlike other types of packaging, shoulder boxes don’t require assembling. These are easy to use and are perfect for businesses with limited budgets. They are also environmentally friendly.

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9. Lid

If you want your packaging to look amazing, consider a lid box. These boxes have an interior tray and cardboard sleeve that fit together to create a unique product packaging solution. Lid boxes also have a closable lid, which makes them ideal for storage and archiving. 

They can hold lever-arch files, ring binders, and foolscap papers. You can also add custom finishing options like foil stamping and embossing. However, remember that these options are more expensive than other printing processes. They can rapidly add cost, particularly if you want to make your boxes stand out in different packages.

10. Base

Unlike poly bags, which offer minimal protection, boxes are designed to protect your products during shipment. They are sturdy and come in many shapes to fit various products. They are also easy to print and include padding to reduce dimensional weight. Branded boxes are ideal for apparel and food items. 

They can be folded together and shipped flat to save money on shipping costs. Look for a box with 32 ECT or 200# strength to support heavier shipments. These boxes are typically marked with the manufacturer’s certificate (BMC). They’ll also resist punctures, dents and compression.

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