Body Language of Eyes In Action – Part 2

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Let’s continue with more info on the body language of eyes. This time it’s about attraction and creating connections. The eyes, if you know how to use them, can be the most alluring tool in your arsenal, especially if you’re a female. Let’s see some tricks to mesmerize with your gaze.

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The Sideways Glance

The sideways glance or a sidelong glance is a glance taken quickly from the… side. Depending on the context it can send 2 entirely different messages:1. One of hostility and suspicion: The head will turn away aside The eyebrows will furrow Lines may appear on the forehead The mouth will go sour. “Don’t get near me” is the meaning here.

2. On a positive note these body language signs will appear:

  • The neck is exposed – the head may tilt to the side.
  • The eyebrows raised
  • A little smile or a pout appears

The message is certainly a positive one, revealing interest and playfulness. Let me elaborate: For females, this glance can very powerful because it displays 2 traits that attract men: submissive and yet teasing attitude.1.Revealing the neck, bowing the head lightly and the shy sideways glance make the eyes look bigger and used to show vulnerability and innocence – this has a strong psychological effect on men- encourages them to protect and serve this “damsel in distress”.

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sideways glance.

2. The little smile and the frequent glances are used as a little game. “Come and get me if you can”.

The combination of these 2 quite opposing traits has a strong sex appeal; it gives the eyes a mysterious alluring aura.

So, if you’re a guy, and ever wondered what is the best moment to approach the girl – this is your cue, don’t miss it! If you have spotted her sideways glance and she looked away, don’t turn your gaze, wait… when she looks at you again – put on a little smile. If she’s returning the smile, you hit the spot – the game is on… You can approach her and do the talking.

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Know more about Facial expressions and Body Language

Looking Up Gaze

Merilyn Monroe using the looking up gaze.

In this gaze:

  • The eyelids are lowered
  • The eyebrows raised
  • The lips parted
  • The eyes looking up.
  • Just imagine the gaze women get pre-orgasm.

The Wink

One of the best and easiest to create understanding and start a playful connection is made by a simple act – the wink.The wink is a non verbal cue to signal friendliness and to create a special kind of secret understanding between two people.Between friends and relatives the wink stands as a sign of empathy and association.For example, when you feel down and a friend wants to cheer you up he may use the wink to show that he gets you and it’s gonna be OK – lighten up.Or, if you want to get some friend to cooperate with you secretly – you will wink at him to signal a subtle understanding between you – when playing a mutual joke, for example.

I got ya!Image Source

This is why the wink can be a useful and fun way to connect with strangers, especially in flirting and dating scenarios. It’s like saying “I think you’re a cool person and I get you”. This kind of interaction makes the other party feel trendy and appreciated because it feels like you share a common secret.

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Of course it doesn’t always works. If you spot the other person turn away or raise his eyebrow in question, then either he\she didn’t get it or he\she disagrees with you.

More, I Want More…

It was a brief overview of some body language of eyes techniques you can use to seduce and attract potential partners. Naturally, females are far better than men in using their eyes for seduction. Understanding the attraction of the eyes, you can see why females bother putting on makeup.

It doesn’t mean that men cannot seduce with their eyes though, these signals can be copied by men, but it’s a double-edged sword. Usually the approach of the male gaze is more direct and dominant than submissive and playful.

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