Glamour on the Go: Essential Australian Hair Styling Tools You Need


As Australians, we are fortunate to embrace a naturally casual and effortless style, but there are moments when a touch of glamour becomes essential in our fast-paced lives. Whether you’re gearing up for a night out or preparing for a crucial meeting, having the right hair tools, especially hair styling tools Australia, can be the game-changer in achieving that impeccably polished look. While you probably already own the basics – a blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron – there are a few other must-have styling tools that should find their place in your collection, elevating your hair from everyday to evening chic within minutes. In this article, you’ll delve into the world of top-notch Australian hair styling tools, indispensable for every on-the-go glamor enthusiast. With these innovative and high-quality products, you’ll always be prepared for any occasion, effortlessly achieving salon-worthy results right from the comfort of your home. Watch as your friends envy your impeccable hair, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without these essential hair styling tools Australia. Get ready to elevate your hairstyle and infuse a dose of glamour into your daily life.

Why Choosing the Right Hair Styling Tools Matters

When it comes to achieving a salon-quality hairstyle at home, the tools you use make all the difference. Inferior products can damage your hair, produce lackluster results, and require excessive heat and manipulation to style effectively. Investing in professional-grade tools designed for styling and protecting hair will yield enhanced outcomes with minimal damage.

Using tools that distribute heat unevenly or cannot maintain a consistent temperature can cause breakage, split ends, and an undesirable frizzy texture. Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium tools are optimal for gentle, even heat distribution that minimizes damage. Ionic technology also helps by breaking down water molecules to decrease frizz and improve shine.

Round brushes, thermal brushes, and curling irons require direct contact and tension on the hair shaft to shape and mold styles. Look for options with ball-tipped, rubberized bristles and adjustable heat settings so you can customize based on your hair type and needs. This helps avoid overheating and excessive pulling on delicate hair.

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Employing high-quality tools and products will elevate your at-home hairstyling to new heights. Your hair will look and feel healthier with salon-worthy results each time. While the initial investment may be more, the long term payoff for your hair and wallet is well worth it.

Essential Hair Styling Tools Every Australian Needs

For salon-worthy hairstyling at home, investing in high-quality tools is essential. Two must-haves for any Australian are hair straighteners and a curling iron.

1. Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners utilize heated plates to smooth hair and reduce frizz, creating a sleek, polished look. Popular brands like ghd, Cloud Nine, and Remington offer high-quality straighteners suitable for all hair types. Models range from basic to salon-grade, with wider plates and higher heat settings for thicker, curlier hair.

2. Curling Wands and Irons

Curling wands and irons are versatile tools for adding loose or tight curls and waves. Interchangeable barrels in different sizes and materials like tourmaline or ceramic provide different effects. Top brands for Australians include ghd, Babyliss, and Remington. For loose beachy waves, a 32-38mm barrel is ideal. Tight ringlets require a narrow 19-25mm barrel. Adjustable heat settings are important for different hair types.

3. Hair Dryers

For a salon blowout at home, a powerful hair dryer is essential. Look for a dryer with multiple speed and heat settings, a “cool shot” button to set your style, and attachments like a concentrator nozzle and diffuser. Trusted brands in Australia include ghd, Parlux, and VS Sassoon.

With the right tools and some practice, you can achieve a glamorous hairstyle wherever you go.

Accessories and Extras

To achieve a flawless style at home or on the go, having the proper accessories and extras on hand is essential.

  • Heat Protectant: When using hot tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, applying a heat protectant product is critical to avoid damage. Spray it on damp or dry hair before using heat to create a protective barrier, allowing you to style without compromising hair health. Products containing silicone or dimethicone can help strengthen hair and reduce frizz.
  • Round Brush: For adding volume or curling the ends of your hair, a large round brush is ideal. Look for one with a ceramic barrel and soft, flexible bristles that won’t pull or snag hair. Spin the brush while blow drying to create loose waves or a sleek, rounded shape.
  • Paddle Brush: A wide paddle brush with extended bristles is perfect for detangling and smoothing hair prior to styling. Work in sections starting from the ends, gently brushing up and out. This helps distribute natural oils, reduces static, and creates an even surface for styling. For added benefit, choose a brush with boar bristles.
  • Sectioning Clips: To make styling more efficient, separate hair into multiple sections using clips. Pin up sections you are not currently working on so you can focus your efforts, reducing time spent re-sectioning hair. Alligator clips, snap clips, and duckbill clips all work well for sectioning.
    With the proper tools and techniques, achieving a salon-quality style at home is within your reach. By investing in high-quality accessories tailored to your hair needs and styling goals, you’ll be well on your way to runway-ready hair any day of the week.
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Maintenance and Care

To keep your hair styling tools in optimal working order and prevent damage, proper maintenance and care are essential.


Regularly clean your hot tools like straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers to remove product buildup and prevent snags. Unplug the tool and wipe down plates and barrels with a damp cloth to remove residue after each use. For stuck-on debris, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let all parts air dry completely before storing to prevent rust.

Deep clean tools once a month or if you notice a decrease in performance. For straighteners and curling irons, wipe down plates with alcohol and a cloth, then run a cotton swab between the plates to clean out trapped dirt and oils. Blow dryers can be vacuumed or have air vents brushed clear of lint and hair. Disinfect all tools with an alcohol spray before storing.

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Proper Storage

Allow all tools to cool completely after use before storing to prevent fire hazard. Wrap cords tightly around the tool or use velcro straps to prevent tangling. Keep tools in a dry environment away from extreme heat or cold. For travel, pack tools in a heat-resistant pouch and avoid stacking other items on top.

Following a regular cleaning and maintenance routine will extend the lifespan of your hair styling tools, allowing you to achieve salon results for longer. Be sure to unplug tools when not in use and take proper precautions to prevent overheating, burns and other damage. With some TLC, your styling tools can remain in tip-top shape and ready to get you glamor on the go.


As you can see, with the right tools and a little bit of practice, achieving a glamorous hairstyle on the go is absolutely within your reach. Whether you have a busy schedule or an active lifestyle, being able to style your hair quickly and effortlessly is invaluable. Invest in high-quality hair tools designed for travel and you’ll never again have to choose between convenience and looking your best. With dual voltage for worldwide use, protective heat sleeves and storage bags, and performance to rival your at-home tools, these premium travel styling tools will transform the way you do your hair away from home. The next time you pack your bags for an exciting trip, make room for your mini hair arsenal. Your hair will thank you, and you’ll feel confident and photo-ready wherever in Australia your adventures may take you.

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