9 Best Survival Gadgets One Should Carry In 2023


Most engaging activities, like camping, trekking, rock climbing, and rafting, require survival skills. Also, distress in emergencies will prompt survival tactics to endure and overcome. But that may be inadequate if you lack essential tactical tools to manage the circumstance. 

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This blog highlights nine epic survival gadgets to pack for everyday adventures and routines.

1. Vehicle Escape Tool

Cars are everyday tools for commuting. In the US, almost everyone needs one to get to work. They make life easier but can be an impending danger when something goes wrong. For instance, your car door can get stuck in an accident or due to lower temperature or pressure. You need something to help you out as soon as possible with little effort.

The Resqme vehicle escape tool from BattlBox is a vital tool to include in your survival gear. This keychain hammer’s heavy-duty stainless steel breaks the tempered glass windscreen or window. Besides, it includes a seatbelt cutter to help you out of an emergency fast.

2. Fire Starters

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Camping is a common adventure. It engulfs you in nature’s embrace as you enjoy the nighttime beauty. But what has it got to do with survival? Some camps can happen unplanned. It will force you to spend a night in the wild if your vehicle breaks down at night and you cannot fix it independently. Camping becomes your last option.

The cold night can only be tolerated with a fire for warmth. You need some firewood and a fire starter. The Lord & Field Campstrike is a homemade kit you can use to set up a fire in a few minutes. This three-in-one kit ensures you have all the necessary tools in one place. It includes a Ferro rod, striker, and paracord lanyard for robust gripping.  

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3. Tactical Flashlight

Making your way through the dark or in tunnels is challenging. A tactical flashlight is an excellent choice for illumination in these situations. That helps you avoid potential danger and move around safely. You can also save time and energy with this device as you never have to grope in the dark. 

These lights can make your work easier to fix a car at night. You never can tell when you might need it. You can choose between a rechargeable or battery-powered device. Ensure it has sufficient power and carry spare cells for backup.

4. Water Filter

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Accessing clean water in the jungle is nearly impossible. Rivers, streams, and seas harbor harmful bacteria and viruses capable of making you severely ill. A vacation, weekend off, or ordinary routine can turn sour and unbearable because of drinking unclean water. You can either purchase bottled water, which is expensive, or use a portable water filter.

A reliable water-purifying bottle cleans drinking water on the move. It conserves and purifies a few liters of water in one press within seconds. It neutralizes contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. You can quench your thirst regardless of the environment and brighten your day regardless of the challenges.

5. Multi-tools

Tools breaking down, lack of access, or the need for improvised weapons can arise suddenly. You never know when you might need some basic tools, like pliers and screwdrivers. Carrying bulky items around can be cumbersome. A multi-tool makes your survival gear lighter and includes all essentials.

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Your adventure or emergency determines your activities. That dictates the necessary tools for the day. A quality multi-tool includes a pair of scissors, a can opener, a knife blade, a screwdriver, and a saw. You can use it for various activities, like cutting wood, opening cans, and fixing basic tools. 

6. Maps and Compass

You never want to get lost in the jungle. But when stuck, you need something to guide you. A map gives you an excellent view of your location, routes, and destinations. It helps you to read and plan your way. The compass defines the direction of your destination from your present position or when reading a map.

Digital maps are seamless but ineffective if you run out of battery or network signal. Printed maps of your area of exploration are ideal. Also, pick a compass with high-sensitivity readings and a degree measure. It eliminates guesswork and reduces the chances of getting lost. 

7. First Aid Kit

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Accidental injuries are inevitable. You need something to stop the bleeding before getting medical attention. A first aid kit is your lifesaver during emergencies or accidents. It includes items like plasters, gauze pads, bandages, burn gel spray, antiseptic wipes, scissors, and tweezers. Determine if you need special kits for snake bite, CPR, and trauma. 

8. A Whistle

Most times, you need help to come out of the woods or fix a car. you may lose direction and strength, but a whistle is your companion and savior in distress. It helps you to alert people to your whereabouts or send a signal. Besides, you can use it to scare away animals in the jungle.

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Carry waterproof whistles in different colors for easy identification. Some models have LED lights for night vision and signaling during dark hours. Use your whistle judiciously, as it can be the difference between life and death. Always resort to it if you find yourself in grave danger. 

9. Packed Food

An emergency can prevent access to regular food. Prepping for the worst case can never be complete without adequate food for the period. Packaged food is a better choice than perishables as it has a long shelf-life and preserves energy for essential activities. Also, you can carry them in your bag or pocket and consume them on the go. 

Choose high-protein foods because they can sustain you longer than starch. Nuts, dry nuts, and canned fish are excellent sources of protein. Energy bars, chocolate, and cookies can provide energy but quickly run out compared to proteins. Vitamin-rich fruits, like oranges and apples, are vital for balancing your diet. For minerals, carry canned tomatoes, milk powder, or salt. 

Summing Up

Enduring hardships during an emergency is inevitable when things turn south. You must employ tactical skills and survival gear to make it through the night. Consider packing vital survival gadgets and accessories to overcome your hardships. Include enough food and medical supplies in your car. Never forget a first aid kit whatsoever.

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