8 Small Yet Meaningful Hand Tattoo Designs For Women


Getting a tattoo is a choice that endures forever. As everybody’s body is a material, there’s consistently a chance to put your number one piece of design on your skin as a token of your life tour. There are varieties of tattoos; from something indefinite and sensitive to lively and representative plans. In other words, there is always something for everyone in terms of tattoos. 

It is not mandatory that tattoos should always be large. Nowadays, small tattoos are becoming more popular among people. As we know, the size of the tattoo can’t justify its meaningfulness and hence, if the tattoo is small, it doesn’t mean it is not meaningful. 

The hand is perhaps the most widely recognized piece of the body that individuals decide to get a tattoo. Hand tattoos are becoming more famous day by day especially among ladies and girls as women hand tattoos are not difficult to deal with and much more apparent than the other body parts. 

Most people get inked to communicate their personality and thoughts. So, it becomes really important to have a meaningful hand tattoo because of their visibility. 

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Out of numerous varieties of hand tattoos for women, here is the list of the 8 small yet meaningful hand tattoos woman that you should surely consider while getting your next tattoo. 

Star Tattoos For Hand 

Star tattoo is one of the most trending women’s feminine hand tattoos that basically show the glow and shine of women.  Also, it represents expectation, love, and direction.  It can remind you to remain consistent with yourself or let destiny manage you. It looks really beautiful when featured on hand, wrist, and so forth. 


Pink Bow Hand Tattoos 

If you’re looking for small tattoos cute then this is the perfect choice for you. 

Pink is said to be a girlish color, and hence pink bow hand tattoo is popular among girls, and women. There are different varieties of bow tattoos available in the market and every design conveys a different message however, it basically represents your inner strength and your attitude. Also, you can get this tattoo inked in different shades. 

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Safety Pin Hand Tattoos

Safety pin tattoo is considered one of the unique women hand tattoos that signals safety. You should go for this if you are the one who prefers privacy. 

P.S. – I would suggest you get the assistance of a tattoo proficient as they will assist you with getting the ideal completion and make you look different among the group.


Heart Design Hand Tattoos 

If you are looking for a new tattoo design that you never have seen before, you can try this combination of heart and pet design. It is one of the new designs that make you look different yet gorgeous among the crowd. Also, it is available in multi colors on the market. It can be featured on any part of the body but it looks gorgeous on hand. 


Traditional Hand Tattoos With Ganeshji 

Traditional hand tattoos with Ganeshji convey a meaning of tradition as well as religion. Individuals who get these hand tattoo designs basically represent their commitment to anything. Also, it mirrors the character and your qualities toward perusing sacred books. 

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Flying Birds Hand Tattoos 

Girls! If you believe in your personal space and freedom, then here is the best tattoo design for you that will express your thoughts perfectly.  It can be featured on any part of your body. It is considered one of the women’s feminine hand tattoos and thus it is preferred more by women. 


Praying Hand Tattoos

You can express your religious thoughts by getting inked with this praying hand tattoo. From a little design to a large one, this is an extraordinary method to make you into a piece of craftsmanship. It looks great only with clean lines, so get yourself a craftsman who can make natural and mind-boggling subtleties effortlessly. 


Side Hand Tattoos 

Side hand tattoos are for you if you are the one who prefers not to utilize your full hand to get inked. There are many designs that can be inked on the side of the hand such as any free design, or positive quotes that convey a meaningful.  

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