7 Interior Design Tips for Pet Owners to Transform Your Home Interior

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Have you ever speculated how interior designers make a small home look much larger? Or how can they completely alter the ambiance of the space with only a few additions? While there are some basic principles of home makeovers, pet owners need to take into consideration some additional tips. We have discovered some brilliant design techniques that you can easily adapt to change your home, along with making it comfortable for your pets.

1. Select the Right Colors:

When selecting a color for the walls of a room, you need to consider more than just your personal preferences. Color has a huge impact. Thus, other aspects, such as the size of the area, must also be considered. Remember that darker colors make a room feel smaller while light colors make it appear larger.

Even with plenty of natural light and strategically placed mirrors, a room with a darker color will always feel more enclosed. Certain colors can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep, while the appropriate colors can be both aesthetically beautiful and beneficial to your mental health. But with pets, the walls may get dirty easily; hence instead of pure white, opt for shades such as cream or beige that need little upkeeping.

2. Design as Per the People Living in the House:

A house needs to be designed based on the number of people living there. If you are designing a house for a couple, then the requirement of the design will be different than for a family with children and pets. If there are kids at home, many things need to be considered, such as ensuring the safety of the kids when they move around in the house. The same thing goes for pets as well if you own a dog. Especially when it is a large breed dog such as cavapoo full grown, then the home needs to be designed for the dog as well adding things such as dog beds, dog gates, etc., becomes mandatory. These elements may spoil the look of your home if not designed along with your interiors.

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Ensure that these additional things integrate with the house’s overall look to look aesthetically appealing. Also, when choosing material and colors, just ensure that you take into consideration how tough it can be to clean it, especially with kids and pets roaming in the house.

3. Be Mindful While Choosing the Decor Pieces:

Beautifying your home is important, but at the same time, it seems to be functional as well. For example, adding too many storage cabinets may make the space seem smaller. Not giving sufficient storage is going to make it tougher for you to store your belongings. You have to be mindful of what you display as decor pieces. With a pet running around the house, any fragile item needs to be placed at a height that is not reachable by the pet. Avoid too many breakable items, which may be difficult to maintain with a pet at home.

Beauty and functionality need to go hand in hand while designing your interior space.

4. Repurpose Old Items:

Interior designers enjoy repurposing existing items. This helps them save money on project budgets, and they, like many of us, appreciate the necessity of upcycling products to reduce global trash.

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A lot of items in our home can be repurposed. Throwing away old furniture is not a great way of saving money. Instead, you can refurbish it and make it look like new furniture. If you cannot reuse a piece of furniture in your house, then sell it off in a garage sale and use the money to get the new furniture that suits your home interior.

By doing all of this, you will save a lot of money while also making your room feel more personal. Your home will be a reflection of who you are and what you enjoy, which is one of the top considerations for interior designers.

5. Make it Cozy:

When it comes to decorating your home, there are numerous factors to consider. You want it to seem nice but not like a museum. Making your home a cozy retreat should be a primary concern. Create a welcoming environment in which your family and friends will want to spend time again and again.

Using the correct accessories, you can easily modify your home decor. Decorative pillows and rugs as home accessories are simple and inexpensive ways to update your decor and give it a cozy feel. You can add flashes of color, comfort, texture, and elegance on a tight budget.

Just keep in mind that carpets can easily trap fur and dander, which needs to be frequently cleaned using a vacuum cleaner to ensure your home is allergen-free.

6. Keep It Minimalistic:

When you live with pets, they need space to move around the home freely. This means you have to stick to a minimalistic approach while designing the home so that your furry friends can have enough space in the house. Do not choose any extravagant-sized furniture pieces but stick to modern, simple, and clean pieces that keep most of the floor free.

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7. Use Plants:

Spending time in nature has been related to lower stress and tension reduction. If we can’t get outside as much as we’d want, let us bring nature into our homes. Accept the rebirth of plant life in your home. Add tiny or huge amounts, a few or many. Plants are a low-cost way to add color and texture to any area.

Plants are not only beautiful, but they also improve air quality by balancing humidity, absorbing pollutants, and removing dangerous substances from the air. There are many plants available that can be safely placed in a household with pets. Learn to choose the right plants that set the tone for the rest of the decor and make you feel at ease when you look at it.

The Bottom Line:

With a pet at home, do not think it is impossible to have a beautiful home. Yes, you will have to deal with fur and dander frequently, and also they may scratch different furniture pieces and walls, but if you choose the right material, colors, and texture and also train your pet, you can achieve a look of the house which makes it feel your home. Something you sense as being closely tied to who you are and means something special to you.

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